Mizu Life Insulated Water Bottle Review

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Mizu Water Bottle Review
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On the pricey side of insulated bottles sits the Mizu brand. They offer up some of the highest quality, well built bottles with flashy style and functionality that will keep your chilled drinks cold all day, and hot drinks warm until the evening. Finding these bottles on discount means a no brainer and you should be picking one up. Check GearChase.com for discounts on Mizu Bottles.

If you are a frequent visitor of GearChase.com’s reviews, you know we love insulated water bottles.  We have Hydroflask Reviews, Fifty/Fifty Reviews, and Klean Kanteen Reviews. We were excited to get a couple Mizu insulated bottles for review.  Two Mizu’s most popular insulated bottles are the V8 and V12.  They offer the bottles in both an insulated and non insulated bottle, with a variety of caps for chugging 36 oz of coffee or sport caps for sipping on the go.

Of the bottles we have reviewed, the Mizu bottles trump with their attention to detail and little thing like the paracord lid leash and the etched lid logo.

Mizu V8 Review

The V8 is a 26oz bottle currently available in 11 colors or prints.  We opted for the “Soft touch” orange, and think it looks pretty good with the Utah desert and red rock in the background.  The lid screws into the bottle and has a metal loop for attaching the bottle.  The lid is insulated and etched on the side with the Mizu logo.  It looks cool, but it also provides a little grip to unscrew the lid when the bottle is wet.

The bottle build quality is top notch.  The soft touch feels great in hand or just admiring it in a cup holder.  The logo stands out on the front of the bottle with a stainless steel bottom cap to finish things off.  The welds are hardly noticeable on the bottle, and it is very comfortable to drink from in this size as opposed to the V12 which is a bit more clumsy to drink from.

Ice can be a little difficult to get into the bottle with out some hand use to guide it in.  But the convenience of drinking from a smaller mount is worth the difficulty.

Every time I use a vacuum sealed bottle I’m amazed at just how well they keep hot drinks hot all day, and cold drinks cold for hours even in the heat of the Utah desert.

I’ve been using the two bottles for the past few months.  Usually I drop some ice in the bottle in the morning and with a few fill ups during the day, the ice last me all day long.

Mizu V12 Review

The big brother to the V8 is the V12 insulated 36oz bottle.  It’s wide mouth make it convenient for sharing and loading up with ice.  It’s stand out feature is the paracord leash around the color that attaches to the lid.  We found that the leash can’t be trusted too long, and easily slides off the lid or collar.  It’s also makes screwing on the lid a little cumbersome, as it requires rotating the lid through the noose.

The larger lid makes the bottle easy to fill with ice, and still is fairly easy to drink from. As you can see from the image above ice seems to last for days.  This is after filling the bottle full of ice and water in 70 to 50 degree weather for about 24 hours.

The build quality and attention to detail of the Mizu life bottles has to be the best we have seen.  They have the V12 we looked at had a nice green hammered outer shell, highlighted with stainless steel lid and bottom cap. If you have used Hydroflask with the sip straws you know they can leak pretty easily. The solution is a solid sealing cap like the one included with the V12.  We had zero leaking from this bottle, through many hikes in southern Utah.

Enjoy the Journey, Leave nothing Behind, the motto stamped on the inside of the lid are great words to live by.  Mizu insulated offerings are a great option if you are looking for a water bottle that will turn heads.  A huge upgrade from your old Nalgene bottle, and a step above in terms of looks and features for about the same price as other insulated bottles in the same category.

Mizu also offers discounts on their products from mugs like the T20.  Currently, they have the v12 in copper color for 39% off, it’s one of our favorite colors.  You can view all the discounts and over 70 other bottles and utensiles on GearChase.com.