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KEEN Men’s 59 Moc Toe Boot Review

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KEEN Moc Toe 59 Review
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The 59 Keen Men’s Moc Toe shoes are a stylish boot that has a Keen twist on them.  They offer stability for around town trekking and light work. The simple red laces go well with a red flannel shirt to finish off that casual lumber jack look.  The Moc Toe adds to the styling of this boot that looks great with pants over the top. Not recommended with shorts. We have been wearing these boot for about 5 months now and we want to give you our opinion of what we think of the 59ers.

KEEN Moc 59 Toe Review Outer

These Keen’s have a similar look to many moc toe boots, specifically some of the Red Wing boots with a similar sole styling.  Keen put their spin on these boots, and they still have the classic Keen feel to them.  Keen also included a different compound for a more comfortable walking platform.  You can see in the photo above the layering starting at the heel in the sole of the boot that extends to the toe of the sole.  It’s then wrapped in a durable harder rubber (although softer than most rubbers Keen uses).  The initial

KEEN Moc 59 Toe Review Insideer

We loved the color and subtle stitching on these boots.  They fit great out of the box and are true to size.  We did notice some squeaking when our heel rubbed against the back of the boot when they were new, but after a week of wearing them this went away.  Typically this was when they were paired with a nylon sock.  Pairing these boots with  something like the Keen North Country sock, Wunderseam, or Dura-Zone socks would be ideal.  They are all great breathable socks that pair well with Keen boots.

KEEN Moc 59 Toe Review Top

Looking down on these boots from above you can see the classic style the Moc Toe offers.  The uppers are made of nice oiled leather.  The leather is very soft flexing right out of the box, there is also a soft textile lining on the inside of the boot. The outer sole of the boot is made of a non marring rubber.  It’s very soft and flexible.  In our research we have seen others have issues with the sole of these boots cracking.  After our 6 months of wear we didn’t have any issues.

KEEN Moc 59 Toe Review Heel

The inside of the shoe is coated with Cleansport(TM) NXT that helps to control odor. In the photo above you can see the EVA sole.

KEEN Moc 59 Toe Review Inside Look

You can see the quality of craftsmanship.  Often when we look inside boots or shoes you see messy stitching or loose strings.  As you can see in the photo above these Keen boots are clean both inside and out.

KEEN Moc 59 Toe Review Heel


The EVA foam foot beds are slightly more than you get from a standard shoe.  As you can see there are some breathing holes as well as a foot impression that conforms slightly to the foot after break in.

KEEN Moc 59 Toe Review Insole Top

The bottom of the foot bed also has some design that aids in breathability as you can see the holes align with channels under the insert.  Honestly, we didn’t notice any difference and with a heaver weight leather boot there is going to be some moisture gathering in the boot.  Keen did what they could to make this boot comfortable over long days.  We found that by keeping the boot loose, it was able to breath a lot better and more comfortable when worn all day.

KEEN Moc 59 Toe Review Insole Bottom


The boots weight in at 21.34oz (604.97 grams) for a size 10.5 US. a fairly light weight boot for the muscle.

Keen Moc Toe Review Weight

These boots are great for getting things done.  They are at home welding in the garage, around down town, or chopping down a tree. If you are looking for a pair of great boots from Keen we would recommend the 59’s.

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