Keen – Presidio II Mary Jane Women’s Shoe Review


  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Value


Versatile, can be dressy or casual
Comfortable, good arch support
Water repellant
True to size
Wide toe box, no pinched toes

Wide in the heels, but because of strap, they still stay on OK

The Fit:

I ordered the Keen Presidio II Mary Jane shoes in my normal size and the length is perfect. The heel is a little loose but then, I have a narrow heel.  There doesn’t seem to be an option of ordering these in narrow, which I sometimes do to prevent a sloppy heel. I am not too worried, as the strap keeps the shoe on, even with a slightly loose heel.  It also gives me the option of wearing a nice wooly sock with the shoes in colder weather.


The Design:

One of my favorite features of all Keen shoes that I have tried is the internal support mechanism that provides excellent arch support.  In fact, my podiatrist specifically recommends Keen shoes for this feature. This shoe did not disappoint. The ESS shank offers rigid, but lightweight stability in the mid foot.  If I want, I can remove the insole and insert my custom orthotics and the shoe still fits comfortably. However, I often don’t bother wearing my orthotics in Keen shoes because the  arch support in the shoes is so effective.


The upper part of the shoe is full grain leather which is supposed to be water repellent.  However, if I was to wear these outside on a wet day, I would probably want to treat them with a waterproof spray to prevent stains.

The outer sole is made of non-marking rubber that leaves no skid marks on the floor.  However, the tread is pretty tough looking which gives me a real feeling of stability on slick floors.   The inside of the foot bed is a soft suede which makes it very comfortable to wear.


The Look:

I love Keen Mary Jane shoes.  They can be used to dress up or dress down.  They look great with jeans, or dress pants or even a skirt. I’ve worn them with soft, wooly socks in the winter and tights with a skirt. They are really a practical, versatile shoe.   When I first saw the two-tone look with black uppers and a grey lower sole, I was afraid they would look too sporty to wear with a casual skirt, however I did not get that feel when I tried it with a skirt.

When I wear my Keen Mary Jane shoes, I can almost always count of someone saying, “ cute shoes!” or “Where did you get those shoes?”.  

The strap has a stylish buckle and is attached with an elastic loop to give a little more stretch in finding a comfortable fit.


The Comfort:

The wide toe box gives lots of room for toes! Even with toes that are crooked, or have other issues will fit comfortably in these shoes. Again, the arch support makes for no pain in my foot, even after wearing the shoes all day.

I wore the shoes for the first time for 12 hours and it never felt like I was just breaking them in. They were comfortable all day long.

Again, my only complaint was the heel being a little loose, but the strap has 5 holes in it, so I just cinched it up a little tighter, on the next to the last hole, and the shoe stayed on my foot just fine.