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Klymit Static V2 Review
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The Klymit Static V2 sleeping pad is a great option for backpacking and car camping. It’s light weight, inflates quickly and easily. It provides good support and comfort for a good night sleep on hard surfaces. The pad stays inflated all night, and just needs topping off the following night. All this for around $65 bucks can’t be beat.

Build and Durability

The Static V2 is built with welded seams and a welded in large air valve.  The air valve is pretty similar to most we have used on a lot of pads.  It requires a twist to close and open.  The sleeping pad is 72 inches long and 23 inches wide.  It comes with a small patch kit in the storage bag so it’s always with you.

Klymit has used a unique desire for the majority of their sleeping pads. There are large baffles angled that provide a soft sleep, for back or belly sleepers. It’s one of the better side sleeping pads I have used. It also has smaller baffle around the exterior. This give a little more support around the edge and prevents the rolling off effect.

Klymit Static V2 Review Baffle


The sleeping pad is light weight and offers a lot of comfort for the size and weight (about 1lb). It packs down into a small pouch about 6 inch by 4 inch.

Klymit Static V2 Review Pillow



The V2 inflates fairly quickly, we could do it with our mouth in about a minute (without passing out) took us 12 breaths.  It stays inflated through the night, but we typically would top it off before each night.

Klymit Static V2 Review Valve


It is a comfortable pad, with the larger baffles, I liked it better than some of the flat more compact pads. It kept me elevated off the ground and while not an insulated pad, still provides some warmth against the cold ground.  The baffles seem to provide a softer sleep, and isolation from roots and rocks underneath.  The pad stayed in place very well too. I think this is due to the design of the higher more firm baffles around the exterior of the Klymit V2.  The V2 is fairly quiet to sleep on as well.

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What is different from the Klymit Static V2 and Static V?

The Static V2 uses a new 30D polyester top layer and a 75D (stronger) layer on the bottom. This cut down on the weight of the V2.  It weighs about 2 oz less than the V.  Also, the Static V is about $10 cheaper at $55. Both great options.

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