KUIU – Guide Glove Review

Travis GneitingReviews

With hunting season in full effect, and temperatures dropping a good all around glove that can insulate and protect as well as articulate movement is a necessity.  There are so many options for gloves, we have see it all, from mechanic gloves to ski gloves.  It’s time to upgrade.  A technical glove with moisture wicking properties, grip, durability as well as flexibility are all worth keeping in mind when looking for a more advanced glove to meet your needs.

KUIU from the basis of Sitka is a direct to consumer ultra-light apparel company.  If you love Sitka clothing apparel and clothing, you are really going to like KUIU. The direct to consumer business model allows a superior products at a cheaper price, it’s simple math.

The Guide Glove from KUIU

We had the chance to reveiw the KUIU Guide glove for a couple months in temperatures from 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 20 degrees Fahrenheit, in damp and dry conditions.  Bottom line was that this is a great all around glove for fall and late fall outdoor activities.

KUIU Guide Glove - Shell

The KUIU Guide Glove has a tough soft shell that is much more comfortable that a simple shop glove, it’s also got an adjustable velcro strap and pull tab for getting them on and off easier when hands are sweaty.

KUIU Guide Glove - Palm

The palm of the KUIU Glove is similar to many of the other gloves like the Tiburon, Ykon and Northstar glove.  It’s very grippy and the grip dosen’t wear off quickly like we have seen with other gloves.  The material is called Pittards, it’s a leather that prevents moisture and repels perspiration. It’s almost like a durable grippy suede feeling.

KUIU Guide Glove - On Hand

The outside of the glove is extremely flexible thanks to a material called Primeflex from TORAY. It’s soft, stretchy, resistant to alkaline and acid, abrasion resistant, an overall comfortable fit and movement.

KUIU Guide Glove - inside

The inside of the gloves are a soft fleece material.  They work well at maintaining warmth when the glove is wet or damp.  The outside is treated with DWR, which allows the hand to breath. The inside soft low profile innards make the glove compact enough to do many outdoor task without removing the glove.

KUIU Guide Glove - inside fingers

On complaint we had about the glove is that we have smaller hands, and there is some larger stitching around the fingers. This created some bulk in the fingers because our fingers weren’t large enough to fill the hand print.

KUIU Guide Glove - inside Tag

A KUIU Glove with 100% polyester shell made of Primeflex by Toray.  Soft stretchy technical glove that works well it most hunting conditions.  Even snow filled days will love the Guide glove.  It fits high enough on the wrist to keep snow out while still allowing you to assemble a scope or bino without removing the glove.  Retailing for $69.99 but typically you can find a sale, or discount through signing up for KUIU newsletter.  Guaranteed to work better than the gloves you bought from your auto parts store.


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