LL Bean Outerwear Pants Review

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If you love exploring and hiking – at some point you are going to realize that jeans just don’t cut it and the wind cuts right through those yoga pants too, not to mention the twigs and branches.  The more serious you become about adventuring, you need to invest in some realGearChase_llbean_pant_review_3 outdoor gear.  Hit fall time, or high altitude hikes, or high wind climbs – you needs some functional pants that are comfortable – and something that doesn’t look like your boyfriends cargo pants would be nice.

Versatile enough for the backcountry, mountain adventures or – the Northport pant has a durable fabric with a flexible fit.  The fit is so flattering, and being so comfortable – you might find yourself wearing them day-to-day. 

LL Bean Women’s Northport Pant Fit and Feel
First impressions: Putting on the pant, the fit almost resembles tailored slacks. If only your slacks were this comfortable.  The Northport pant has a contoured fit for someone who isn’t afraid to show off their shape. You’d probably want to be already fit to wear these, rather than trying to get fit – as they are tapered in at the waist and are very fitted in the legs. While the fabric is flexible, they are no yoga pant. The design did have a higher waist than expected, and wouldn’t consider this anything close to a lower-rise. Being such a slim cut – it definitely fits true to size, even a bit on the snug end. The pant does have a very mature fit, sitting just above the waist. Yet this does make it more functional knowing that they are going to stay in place when bending over etc…
The material is spandex and polyester composite, the spandex offers a sheen and expensive look – adding to the quality appearance and functionality. The sleek spandex material is ideal for layering, sliding over any thermal tights or underlayers without getting bunched up.  There’s nothing more annoying than having your pants ride up as you hike up the mountain. The material is just heavy weight enough to fall nicely over your shoes/boots and stay there. The spandex in the material is not only flexible and functional, but makes the material smooth and slick – sliding over layers and eliminates any static.Being a tall 5’9″ with a long inseam, ordering pants online is always a gamble. Yet these pants were the perfect length. The Northport definitely has a long streamlined, slender look.  With stow away pockets on the outer thigh, front and back – considering how snug the fit is – you wouldn’t want to put more in there than a credit card or a power gel pack.
 The quality material is durable, and heavy grade enough for winter sports – yet not breathable or flexible enough for cardio sports like running etc. The fabric is quick drying, and water resistant yet not waterproof unlike true ski or snowboard pants.  Suited for other winter sports like snowshoeing, you wouldn’t want to sport these for any activities that you might find yourself face first in the snow. Likewise, anything below 35 degrees, you’ll likely want to layer up. Wind-proof, they don’t have any insulation and didn’t seem to keep in the  heat.  GearChase_llbean_pant_review_1
The Northport pant is marketed as having “Streamlined legs”, fitted in the thighs – more functional for more active sports where extra fabric would get in the way.  The leg is a bit flared (not anything close to a bell bottom, think more like a yoga pant), which is better than a straight leg when it comes to covering up a hiking boot or snow boots.  The Northport pant is functional and from a material standpoint, yet has a slim and tailored fit. If you want to do any strenuous activities, opt for a size larger – as the material doesn’t stretch quite enough.
 The quality fabric is heavy weight, and durable enough to resist wear and tear from the elements in the backcountry or hiking in the woods.  Ideal for hiking in fall, this is just the right amount of warm for high elevations and high winds.
Any serious outdoor enthusiast needs a reliable pair of outdoor pants, aside from ski or snowboard pants that can be used for layering or stand alone for other active adventures.  An all-around good outdoor pant.


Wowen’s PolarTec Powerstretch Pant 


Think of these as your perfect winter stretch pants – form fitting and stretchy, anunlike some stretchy pants. Perfectly winter war, ideal for the outdoor winter activities, pocket for a key – perfect for outdoor runs.  The Powerstrech pants were windproof – tested in 20 degree weather with gusts of cold wind.  Noting you’ll likely have to generate your own body heat to keep wear in such cold extremes or layer, the warm fleece interior makes for perfect insulation.

Extremely light weight, these have a similar fit to a designer yoga pant – but a a tad more bulky fit as they are more insulate for outdoor activities.  Water resistant – they didn’t absorb water – and kept the snow at bay (to an extent, don’t go for a run in a monsoon).

These versatile warm pants feature stretch elastic at the waist and a breathable material, making it perfect for strenuous activities even in cold weather.


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