MagicShine SEEMEE 150 and 200 V2.0 Cycling Headlights and Tailights

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Magicshine has a few new lights coming out for cycling at night. These are geared towards being seen on the road as opposed to being able to see. The SEEMEE 150 offers a super small form factor that fits in your pocket. They attach quickly to the front and rear of your bike and offer a way to be seen from in front and from behind.

Version 2.0 of the SEEMEE 200 taillight gives a little more power than the previous version and still offers full 360-degree visibility using multiple LEDs in the small compact light with great battery life and runtime. It also offers a neat “brake light” feature that increases the light intensity when slowing down.

Let’s have a closer look at the SEEMEE 200 and 150 lights.

SEEMEE 200 Tailight Version 2.0

The Magicshine SEEMEE Smart Tail Light has been one of the most popular tail lights for cycling at night. If you want to be seen, with minimal size light, and a super small compact design that packs a bunch of features and a quick charge, this is a great option for super good light when compared to other cycling tail/brake lights on the market.

The SEEMee 200 has been updated to a new model. To distinguish between the old version, MagicShine has stamped on the printed on the back of the light “V.2.0”.  This is actually the third upgrade if you count the original 60 taillights from MagicShine. 

The Sweet Cyclist did a great review of the SEEMEE version 1 

Main Difference between SEEMEE 200 Version 1 and Version 2

1. Reminders for turning on and off the brake function of the taillights have been updated. In the past, long press for 5s to turn on/off the brake function in the standby state, but now it is shortened to 3s, and each time it is turned on, it will indicate whether the brake function is turned on. When the brake mode is turned on, the button indicator light will indicate blue for 3S after the product is turned on;

2. The old version always lights up at 200lm when braking. The new version is that the main light is 200LM constant and starts to decrease after 2000ms. When the brightness drops to 1.4 times the brightness of the current gear at 3000ms, it starts to maintain the brightness until the end of braking. In order to achieve the effect of reducing the braking effect;

3. The product mode has been simplified. It used to be 3 constant lights modes + 4 flashes modes+ one smart mode, but now it is 2 constant lights modes+ 2 flashes modes+ 1 smart mode;

4. In the optimized mode, the brightness is also lowered, and the battery life will be longer;

5. After the smart mode flashes during the day, it will light up with the highest brightness, and the warning effect is better during the day.

SEEMEE 200 Version 2.0 In the Box

The SEEMEE 200 includes the following in the box:

  • SEEMEE 200 Version 2.0 light
  • Handlebar mount 
  • Seatpost Mount
  • Micro USB Charging Cable (Wish this was USB-C)

SEEMEE 200 Version 2.0 Features

The 200 light offers a transparent optical fiber with 200 lumens output. The rear light is highly visible from behind and slightly less visible on the transparent sides of the light but still gives 270-degree visibility so cars on the side of you can still see you.  To increase visibility and my favorite feature of the SEEMEE 200 is the 360-degree tracing light that shines on the ground illuminating the cyclist and their bike in all directions. 

An automatic braking light feature turns the light intensity up when it senses the rider slowing down to indicate a change in speed to cars or others that may be following. This can be turned off and on. 

There is an ambient light sensor that samples the amount of light when riding and adjusts the light mode to the environment. This can affect the battery life of the light, but also make it safer when used in daylight.

Some additional features are the low power mode to save battery life, it’s IPX6 weatherproof.

SEEMEE 200 Version 2.0 Instruction

To turn off or on the brake function, start with the light off and hold it for about 5 seconds to change the function. 

The light will remember the last light mode used when the light is turned on again from its previous state. 

There is a low power mode that will conserve light use when the battery is getting low to help you return home safely. 

The 360-degree tracer light is controlled by the light sensor. It is off during the daytime to conserve battery. In the dark, it flashes constant and or lights up solid depending on the light mode.

SEEMEE 200 Version 2.0 Output

There are 6 different modes for the SEEMEE 200 Low, High, Flash, Group Ride, Smart-Day, and Smart-Night.

SEEMEE 200 Charging

When charging the light it will flash red until fully charged then it will maintain solid green. It takes about an hour and a half to charge.

To check the battery power in the light press the button power button for 3 seconds. The light under the power buttons will indicate green for fully charged, red for mid-charge, or flashing red means the battery is low.

SEEMEE 200 Conclusion

I have used about a dozen different tail lights for my bike over the years. My favorite thing about the SEEMEE 200 is how small it is, the 360-degree trace light, and the battery life for something so small and bright. I can ride with confidence knowing the cars behind me can see me as I ride in front of them. It’s easy to use and charges super quickly all for a small price tag. 

SEEMEE 150 Red Tailight and White Headlight Combo

SEEMEE 150 In the box

The SEEMEE 150 includes the following in the box:

  • Front Light (white)
  • Tail Light (red)
  • Saddle rail mount
  • Handlebar mount 
  • Seatpost Mount
  • Micro USB Charging Cable (Wish this was USB-C)

SEEMEE 150 Features

The SEEMEE 150 front and rear cycling lights have a transparent optical fiber that shines a consistent bright pattern of a single light in the middle with a halo ring around the outside. The sides of the light are also transparent providing 260-degree visibility (although not as bright on the sides of the light).

The taillight has a built-in motion sensor that automatically brightens when braking on a bike. This feature can be turned off and is only available on the taillight. The front light does not contain this feature.

There is an ambient light sensor that can change the output of the light based on day-light or night-light.

When using lights at night the biggest fear is that they will die while on a ride.  The SEEMEE 150 will go into an automatic low-power mode to extend the light runtime to extend your ride hopefully getting you home safe.

Some other great features are the multiple mounting options on the seat post rails, seat tube, or handlebars with the multiple mounting brackets provided. It should be pointed out, that these are very high-quality mounts and some of the easiest, most discrete mounts I’ve used with cycling lights.

SEEMEE 150 Instructions


The headlight turns on with a 3-second hold. With each press cycle through flashing, and brightness. Another 3-second hold will turn the light off.


The taillight has the brake function that can be turned off or on by holding the button for 3 seconds until the light shows its brightest red light. This indicates the brake function is on. Holding it for 3 seconds while the light is off again the red light will flash indicating it is off. Pressing the main function button will change the mode from Low -> High -> Flash -> Group Ride -> Smart and back to low.

The light is smart and remembers the previous light setting.  It also switches to an ECO mode and disables the brake function when the battery level gets low.

Light Battery Charging 

The main button has a color light to indicate the charging status. It will flash red when charging and when fully charged will remain green. It only takes about an hour and a half to charge the light. 

SEEMEE 150 Headlight and Tailling Combo Conclusion

You should consider purchasing these lights if you want something that is super compact and you are most concerned about your visibility on the road. This might be great for riding where there are street lights all ready to help you see but want to make sure others see you.  The headlight offers a little light on the road, but not enough for a high-speed commute. If you are looking for a brighter light to see while riding check out something like the MagicShine RN 3000, it offers a big light in a small compact package.