New Balance: New Year, New You

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The active woman today lives her life on the go. Every morning starts with what to wear. No matter your workout or your style, you want gear that you can wear for every occasion and every workout. Versatile, performance apparel for running, the yoga studio, hitting the gym, to running errands around town.

Thanks to New Balance, choosing the right activewear just got a lot easier. The “New Balance New Year, New You” collection offers is high performance and fashion forward, ideal for any workout or hitting the streets.

Here’s a sneak peek at the New Balance Spring 2016 collection. Perfectly coordinated pieces from tanks, pullovers, workout pants and capris let you mix and match for the perfect outfit. Fashion forward designs engineered for performance. With the New Balance Spring 20126 collection, get the style you want and performance you need. Check out New Balance workout gear on sale–> Start Shopping

New Balance Performance Printed Tights Review

Sporty, chic and fun. You know that something looks good when other people tell you. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my workout gear. Wearing them with the Fashion Tank, they are completely color coordinated, and fit like a dream.

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The print is vibrant and fresh, yet isn’t overwhelming. They are a mature, great design with The perfect flair of personality, that isn’t too youthful. On top of that, the colors coordinate with so many of the New Balance fitness collection – it’s easy to make the perfect wardrobe. Whether you want a tank or a knit pullover, these are perfectly versatile for color-coordinating you workout no matter what it is. Running, yoga, or the gym.

The print on the bottom cuffs new, fresh, and simply cute. The fit is flattering, and slimming. These aren’t just tights that cover the skin, they is simply cuteTo gather fabric in a repeating pattern to make such a pleat or ruffle
Brave the elements in this ever-so-bold tight.

Cut from opaque matte fabric with flattering anti-chafe seams and a power-mesh waistband, this women’s running tight makes sure you look good on the fly. Find deals on New Balance running and workout gear here:

New Balance Printed Tights Fit and Feel

When you first pick up the NB Performance Printed tights, you’ll notice the material feels different than what you may be used to. The material feels thicker, and less stretchy. At first thought, you might thicker material is going to bee too hot or not as comfortable. WRONG. The performance out-did any thin/typical yoga pant we’ve ever tried, and they had a better fit.

The other main difference of the Printed Tights is that they are fitted. REALLY FITTED. While most workout tights will have a few seams, or a line of stitching here and there – they aren’t fitted. Too many stretchy workout pants are like tights without feet. They might be stretchy and comfortable, and they might look good when you first put them on – but when you start moving around they move out of place. You’re best hope is to just keep pulling them, and hope they stay there for just a while.

In contrast, the NB Performance Printed tights are more than fitted, they are flattering. The NB Performance tights have a fitted waist band that is super comfortable and keeps the pants where they are supposed to be. No riding down, or riding up. Stretching the body to the limit through several yoga poses, they stayed exactly in place. Unless you are wearing high rise yoga pants go up almost to your belly button, typical other yoga pants you have to pull up after doing the childs pose. The fabric is also resilient The fit and elasticity has remained perfect through several washes and kept it’s color and shape.

Note: when buying these, as they are fitted – you need to order the right size. They fit true to size. Anyone over a size 4 needs a medium. Follow the sizing chart.

New Balance Fabric Technology & Performance

Part of the NewBalance dry collection, this moisture wicking fabric is the best high-performance fabric we have ever tested. EVER. While the market flooded with workout “high performance” fitness apparel, the New Balance Performance tights live up to their name. Pulling moisture away from the body, these quick drying workout tights keep you cool, dry, comfortable and in style.

We can say this confidently, as we tested all our high-performance the fabrics in the most extreme conditions. You won’t find a more extreme climate to test cooling moisture wicking fabric than a a Bikram Hot Yoga studio. We tested the NB Performance printed tights in several high-intensity studio workouts – heated to 104 degrees and 40% humidity.

What what so amazing, is that in contrast to typical studio or yoga tights – the fabric on the NB Performance Printed Tights felt much thicker than the typical super stretchy capris we’re all use to.

Walking into a sauna workout wearing thick”er” materials was daunting. Yet something amazing happened, the fabric is like magic! The pants actually stayed dry, and feeling my skin under the pants – it was completely dry. We won’t say brands, yet we tested the pants while also wearing a “moisture wicking” tank top, and the tank top was wet after the workout. This was especially noticable after getting into a cold car after the workout, the tank stop was still damp. The last thing you want when stepping out into cold temperatures is anything damp. The NewBalance performance printed tights on the other hand, were dry – and the “thicker” material that was suspicious as first – was a nice barrier from the elements . Based on this, these New Balane Performance Printed tights have got to be the most versatile workout/fitness tights you’ll ever find. Ideal for running outdoors (protect you from the wind), and the cooling moisture wicking ability is perfect for any workout.

New Balance Fashion Tank Review

“Fashion Tank”. That is an understatement. Why can’t all shirts fit like this? The design of this tank is chic, flirty and comfortable.

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First Impressions

The ruched/gathered seams accentuate your waist without being skin-tight. This Fashion Tank will fit better, and compliment your figure more than any shirt in your closet. Wear this tank with the New Balance Printed tights, and you have the best workout get-up ever made. Don’t take our word for it. This outfit got more compliments than any other outfit – and that includes outfits that aren’t for workouts. Perfectly coordinated with dark navy and bright salmon/pink – this outfit got noticed wherever it was worn, from the Yoga Studio to the gym. “Love your shirt, where did you get that?”, “those pants are SO cute!”. Ideal for workouts, or just going around town running errands or hanging out with friends.

Fit and Feel

Most workout tanks fit tight tight, tight all over – which doesn’t really flatter anyone. On top of that, skin tight tanks aren’t very practical for working out – they don’t let you breath, can feel claustrophobic and ride-up. The New Balance fashion tank has chic straps, that let the tank “fall” perfectly. While the tank is fitted, the design of ruched sides creates more room around the midsection which is more flattering – and comfortable. On top of that, this super classy design improves the performance during workouts. The tailored look offers more room for you to breathe, and room to move comfortably.

The way the straps fit over the collar bone and shoulders/back is flirty and new. The high quality fabric is the perfect shade of navy with a touch of sheen to it. The material feels and looks expensive (without the price tag). This tailored look is something you’d typically find on an expensive blouse/shirt. The dark navy color has more personality than black – and more mature than pink. Yet the bright straps are sporty and cute. The high quality fabric has some actual weight to it, so on top of falling perfectly – it doesn’t ride up. The New Balance tank has excellent material that perfectly conforms to your figure. The look is seriously almost too classy to be workout gear.

The NB Fashion Tank is is long and slimming. Wear this tank over any tights, without having the seams of your pants showing through your shirt and without having to constantly pull down your tank. The fabric is soft, with expertly designed seams, and the under-arm hemming is just in the right place so you runners can forget about shaffing. The straps are positions just right, that you almost don’t feel them. The New Balance Tank looks better, and functions better than any other tank we’ve tried.

New Balance Space Dye Knit Pullover Review

Long and Lean. This doesn’t look like workout gear. It doesn’t feel like workout gear. Yet the high performance New Balance Space Dye Knit Pullover exceeds any expectation you would have in colder temperature workouts.New Balance Pullover Hoodie on Sale: Click Here

First Impressions

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What we loved most about the pullover was the fit of the collar. The collar gives you all the warm and protection you need, and it doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic. The fit of the neck collar is somewhat loose – letting you breathe, at the same time the the fabric is so high quality it somehow defies gravity. The collar stays up where it’s supposed to be. It has just the right amount of height, with plenty of fabric to cover up to your chin. New Balance Pullover Hoodie on Sale: Click Here

Fit and Performance

The fabric is soft, with stretch. The stitching on the side panels is slimming, the style is long and lean. The NB pullover has long arms and thumb hole loops that just add to the functionality. The fabric feels so good, and looks good – you will find yourself wearing this from all winter long.

In addition the NB Dry moisture-wicking fabric, the fit and design makes the pullover perform better and look better than any other turtle neck top in your closet. The material is super, SUPER soft – and incredibly light weight for the warmth it provides. Warm, comfortable, breathable and cute – you’ll find yourself wearing this all winter long. New Balance Running Jackets on Sale:Click Here

New Balance Strappy Long Bra

Sporty and chic. The New Balance Strappy Long Bra looks like a tank with the performance of a sports bra. Fitted, and flat-out cute, get the performance you need without the extra layer. New Balance Strappy Long Bra on Sale: Click Here

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First Impressions

Yoga tank tops with a shelf bra give you the Get the support and performance you need with the convenience you want. Wearing one less layer keeps you cool and decreases bulk, and help regulate your body temperature. . Bonus: yoga tank tops with a shelf bra means you have one less thing to wash.
Strappy tops and racer back straps are all the rage in the studios, gyms and out on the streets. Yet with chic straps so thin, usually you can’t wear any type of regular sports bra. But what to do if you actually need some support? Throwing on a bulky bra underneath just undid your whole fashionista style. So what’s a girl to do with all those straps? Hello New Balance Strappy long bra, and goodbye to bulky sports bra. The New Balance Strappy Long Bra isn’t just another trendy tank, it’s a bra.

Fit and Feel

The racerback cross straps give the support, and compliment the shoulders. On top of all that function, the Strappy Long Bra is chic, with vertical stitching on the back elongating your torso and creating an overall flattering look. – Yet this slimming strappy tank is tougher than it looks. The support ideal for low impact sports like Yoga, Pilates and the elliptical machine – or even a jog up the trails.


The New Balance Strappy Long Bra has a built in shelf bra with a soft/wide elastic band that is comfortable, and doesn’t show any lines on your back, just adding to the slimming look. The shelf bra is constructed with the same moisture wicking fabric as the rest of the tank, keeping you cool and dry – no sports bra can compete with that.

The built in shelf bra is comfortable, with a wide and smooth elastic. A built in shelf bra giving you the support you need and the convenience you want. Not only does it look better, and feel better to wear just one layer – but you will stay cooler. Wearing one less layer means less bulk. The New Balance Strappy Long Bra gives you the long, lean, fitted look you love – all in one strappy little tank. Forget about wearing that extra layer.

New Balance Studio Tights Review

Comfortable, sleek and high performance. The New Balance studio tights are designed for the Yogi, with fabric so comfortable and stretchy you might almost forget you are wearing them. Find best deal on New Balance Studio tights here

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Fit and Feel

The soft smooth fabric has such flex to it – it literally feels like a second skin. The waist band is fitted, for a contoured design. The fit is somewhat of a high-rise, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on your preference. Yet the waist and rise of the studio tights make them absolutely more functional for Yogi’s. When doing advanced poses, or difficult sequences, be confident that the New Balance studio tights look just as good when you first put them on. New Balance yoga Tights On Sale: Click here


High performance sweat wicking fabric, the New Balance Studio tights are part of the New Dry collection. These tights are a must-have for any serious yogi, especially if you are into Bikram yoga. The open heel design just feels good. On top of that, the “soles” have silicone grippers for extra traction (without having to wear weird and bulky “yoga socks”). Yet it’s important to note for those of you with higher arches, you may not get the same full-benefit of the grips as others (as there simply isn’t enough surface area in contact with the ground). Yet regardless of the grip, we notices a great benefit of the open-heel design. The New Balance Dry fabric literally works like a miracle, and soaks up your sweat before your even feel it. When it comes to hot yoga studio workouts, keeping a grip on the mat can seem nearly impossible unless you have a no-slip yoga towel on top of your mat. The NB Dry fabric keeps your feet dry(er), and when it came to arm balances the fabric made difficult positions that much easier. The New Balance Tights fit and feel like a second skin, they are so comfortable and sleek you will want to sleep in them. New Balance Studio Tights on Sale: Click Here.

New Balance Heat Hybrid Vest Review

Sporty, flashy and fun. The New Balance Heat Hybrid Vest is the perfect compliment to the New Balance New Year collection. While everything else in the collection turns up the volume when it comes to contoured designs and complimenting fits – the Hybrid Vest turns up the volume with fashion forward color and all the functionality you would want. The perfect versatility for cool weather running, and ideal for layering. Wearing the NB Dry Knit Pullover complimented with the Heat Hybrid vest will be one of the best workout get-ups you’ll ever put on. New Balance Hybrid Running Vest on Sale: Click Here

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Gearing up for winter runs is harder than it seems. You need to stay warm, but not too hot, with gear that isn’t bulky. The New Balance Heat Hybrid vest. Warmth without the heat. Flattering design and tailored fit, this light weight packs a punch when it comes to performance. Get protection from the elements without the bulk.

Engineered for high performance during colder temperatures, the polartec® Alpha® fill keeps your core warm, with the NB “Heat insets” on the back and sides wick away moisture and keep your temperature regulated. The are reflectors on the side and back, keeping you save and visible. The two way front zipper and zip-close Kangaroo pocket gives you plenty of room to store your phone, keys or energy gel when you are on your run.

The New Balance Heat Hybrid vest also has a hood – to keep you fully protected from the elements come wind or rain. While not water proof, the fabric was water resistant and quick-drying.

With a tailored fit, quilted stitching, along with durable fabric that has just the right amount of shine to it – get the fashion you want and the performance you need with the New Balance Heat Hybrid Vest.
New Balance Running Gear on Sale: HERE