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OnGuard Beast Chain Lock Vs. Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain

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What lock should you buy, the OnGuard Beast 8016 Chain or the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit? GearChase takes an in-depth view into both locks to find out what one will meet your needs.

With the price of bikes increasing year to year, new inventions from electronic shifting and large, expensive drive trains as well as high tech suspensions, it’s hard to let your bike out of your site for just a minute. According to the an estimated 1.5 million bicycles are stolen each year. They are easy targets for someone looking to flip a quick buck, and don’t require the risk of automobile theft.  Bike theft has become a huge problem, there are professional bike thieves who steal bikes, and quickly off load them to different states or countries.  Components are stripped, and parted out on auction and classifieds sites.  The truth is if someone really wants your bike bad enough they will get it.  No lock or security method is 100% fool proof.  It’s about making it more difficult to steal a bike than the thief has or is willing to invest.

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If you don't want to read the entire post, our final pick is the OnGuard 8016 Chain lock

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So you know you want to protect your bike at the maximum level, maybe you even want to secure a motorcycle, or trailer too, these locks are great for many applications, which is why we choose to look at these two chain locks, over some of the other offerings.  We wanted maximum protection and versatility, where weight and portability were not an deterrent.

We have a lot of photos below of the locks compared side by side, we will cover those and point out the pro’s and con’s of each lock.

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Links

Both locks have a heavy duty nylon chain cover. They both are very nice and high quality.  They attach through the chain loop and can be removed if needed.  A quality clean chain cover is essential when trying to lock up your carbon wheels without scratching them.

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Side by Side

OnGuard and Kryptonite Locks

The U locks included with each chain are extremely rugged.  They can be used as disc locks on motorcycles, and both are made of hardened steel.  They both have weather protection to keep water and dust out of the lock. Both locks offer protection guarantee programs with registration and a small fee. We will go into the size and weight details a bit lower in the article.  Both locks require the key to be inserted and engaged to connect the lock back to the “U” bar.

OnGuard U-Lock

The OnGuard lock is a bit larger but feels more comfortable to use and in hand.  The key only requires a 1/4 turn to open the lock, while the Kryptonite lock takes a 1/2 turn to open.  This may seem insignificant, but when you are bent over reaching between three bikes, and a bike rack you will enjoy the 1/4 turn.  It makes opening and closing the lock a lot easier in cramped quarters.  The lock has has X4P technology which is the highest tech OnGuard has that provides a quattro bolt mechanize that locks the shackle in the crossbar at four places.  This prevents prying, jacking, and twisting from snapping open the lock.

  • 1/4 Turn Open
  • Perfect size for function

Kryptonite U-Lock

The Kryptonite lock has a smaller footprint in your hand.  It takes a full 1/2 turn to open the lock. Because the lock is a bit smaller and lighter it makes it a bit easier to handle and move around into a locking position.

  • Smaller Footprint
  • 1/2 Key turn to open

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock

Lock Dimensions

These locks are tough, they are hardened steel and would take some major cutting power to get through them.  The OnGuard has a slight advantage being an almost 17 mm shackle while the Kryptonite is a 15 mm shackle at their thickest points.  We will not be destroying a lock to test how long they take to cut through. If you get gratification from seeing an angle grinder cutting through these locks you can watch that here.

OnGuard U-Lock Dimensions

The inside diameter of the OnGuard locking portion of the lock measures about 14 mm.  This is about the same as the Krpytonite lock.  This is only measuring the portion of the u bolt that sits inside the lock when closed.  It would not be the portion of the lock that is cut through.

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Cut

The larger portion of the u-lock where actual cutting would take place measures a beefy 16.85 mm (with the protective rubber rolled back.  The rubber is a nice feature to the u bolt.  We often found ourself looping it through a spoke, chainstay, or other small part on a bike.

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Thick

Kryptonite Lock Dimension

The inside portion of the u bolt on the Kryptonite lock measures about the same as the OnGuard lock.  However, the main difference is in the outer portion of the u bolt, which is about 2 mm smaller.  The Kryptonite lock also offers a nice rubber coating on the u bolt to protect against scratching and takes out the rough metal on metal feeling.

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Inside

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock U


OnGuard and Kryptonite Chain

The Chain on both locks is a hex (six sided) hardened chain.  We will not be destroying a lock or chain to show just how strong these chains are, there are plenty of YouTube videos showing how strong these chains are.  Typically they are impossible to cut through with even the largest bolt cutters.  The only way we have seen to get through these is with a grinding or cutting wheel.  This can be done in about one to two minutes, and will typically take two cuts to free the chain, depending on the side of the cut.

OnGuard Chain

The chain is a 14 mm titanium enforced hexagonal hardened steel chain.  It features a nylon dust cover which resist holding onto dirt.  This is great when your dragging it over your bike frame over and over to prevent scratching, it is also fairly easy to remove and wash if needed.

OnGuard offers their chain in two lengths.  A 3.5 foot and a 6 foot.  The actual measurement of the OnGuard chain is about 70.5 inches (5.8 feet).

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Length

  • Two Chain Lengths 3.5 and 6 Foot
  • Longer length than Kryptonite

Kryptonite Chain

The chain is a 14 mm manganese 3T ( hexagonal steel chain.  It also has a chain cover.  However, we noticed that the Krpytonite chain cover holds onto dirt and dust more.  This can cause scratching and is a bit more wear when dragging it through spokes, frames, bike racks etc.

The Kryptonite chain claimed length is 5 feet.  The actual measurement of the chain is 58.5 inches (4.8 feet). It’s in between the two sizes of the OnGuard chains.

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Link

  • Dust cover holds onto dirt and dust

Lock and Chain Weight

Don’t kid yourself, these locks are heavy. There is defiantly a trade for protection offered with these locks to the weight. I don’t anticipate anyone using these as commuter bike locks.  Our use was always pulling it out of the bed of a truck, or leaving it hanging on the wall to lock up a bike in a garage.

OnGuard Lock Weight

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock weight

The OnGuard U-Lock weighs 1.88 pounds (853.2 grams)


OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Chain Scale

The OnGuard lock and chain weigh 19.23 pounds (8.7 KG)

  • Extremely heavy

Kryptonite Lock Weight

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Weight 2

The Kryptonite lock weighs 1.649 pounds (747.9 grams)


OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Chain Weight

The Kryptonite lock and chain weigh 15.08 pounds (7.16 KG)

  • Smaller lock and smaller chain for lighter weight

 Lock Keys

Both locks come with similar shaped keys, and one larger lighted key.  Also, both locks offer a key replacement program where if you retain your key code provided when you purchase the lock, you can get replacement keys for a nominal price if you every misplace them.

OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Key


OnGuard vs Kryptonite Bike Lock Key Light

Lock Warranty

Both locks offer a Lifetime Warranty

Anti-Theft Protection

Both companies offer an insurance for a small fee when purchasing these locks.

OnGuard Protection Insurance

  • Anti-Theft Protection ($1401 Power Sport/$5001 Bicycle) *Requires Registration
  • 1 Year ($1), 2 Year ($10) to 3 Year($15) protection
  • Does not cover dismantle or cutting, or force, torches, battery operated tools, hydraulic tools
  • Must retain broken lock

Kryptonite Protection Insurance

  • Optional Anti-Theft Protection ($2000 Power Sport/$5000 Bicycle)
  • Covers malicious, unintended opening, breaking by force
  • Base Cost of Vehicle excluding tax
  • Insurance deductible
  • Cost depends on lock rating
  • 1 Year $9.99 to Free
  • 5 Year $29.99 to $24.99

Standard Lock Ratings

OnGuard Lock Rating

Non listed

Kryptonite Lock Rating

Sold Secure (UK): Gold
ART: 4127


The Kryptonite Lock on rack. Kuat has built in cable locks but we never trusted too much.

The OnGuard lock attached to a Kuat rack. It gives us piece of mind that it’s going to take a lot of work to get this bike away from the truck or rack.

After looking at and using these locks almost daily we would have to choose the OnGuard lock over the Kryptonite lock.  The extra length comes in handy more often that we though, and it makes things easier to shift around and lock up different items, not just bikes, but other valuables too.  The chain can be shortened as needed to make it more difficult to access the lock by just using links further up the chain.

Both of these locks offer the intimidation factor which is a big deterrent to a thief.  Have a look on to see the best prices on both locks from 100’s of retailers online.

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