Orange Mud Towel Review

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Orange Mud Towel Review - changing towel and seat cover
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Orange Mud Review

If you have ever tried to find a place to change your clothes or changed in your vehicle at the trailhead you know there is a need for the Orange Mud Changing Towel. I’ve been changing clothes at the trailhead for years. It’s always uncomfortable, or at the beach trying to use a towel that comes undone halfway through the changing process. The Orange Mud changing towel solves just this problem for around $40 USD. It also doubles as a towel and a seat protector for those sweaty or muddy days.

The Orange Mud towel acts like a towel, seat cover, and changing cover-up. It’s made of a soft microfiber feeling material and comes in a wide variety of colors. Orange Mud now offers the towel in a waterproof edition too for an additional $10. The idea is you get the towel dirty and not your seats. It’s a lot easier to wash a towel that a seat.

The towel is very well constructed and has a zipper on one end to create a hood. That can be used as a swim towel or thrown over the headrest of a seat to protect them from sweat and mud you might have got covered in on your last adventure.

Here you can see the belt style closure system that allows the towel to be worn around your waist making changing in public very simple. It’s also great for changing out of swimming suits at the beach.

The clip is what secures the towel around your waist. It’s easy to adjust, tighten and remove. The towel is also finished off with an edge finishing to keep it looking well for years to come.

The only complaint I have is the price. I’d really like to have a couple of them as I always have sweaty and muddy friends riding with me. But for $80 and $100 for the waterproof version is a little expensive when I could just use an old towel I have laying around the house. The real value is when using the towel for changing. Trying to changes with a normal towel, it inevitably comes un-tucked from itself. The Orange Mud Transition Towel stays in place. I keep mine in my vehicle all the time and actually use it a lot. The green towel we used was sent to us from Orange Mud for our honest review, but I’ll be buying another for friends to use as well.