Prime Design Capture POV Review -

Peak Design – Capture POV Review

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Prime Design Capture POV Review -

Peak Design has been making camera mounts for point and shoot cameras, DSLR cameras, and GoPro cameras for over 10 years.  The idea to move the camera from around the neck to a belt or backpack strap sounds like a good idea, but how well will it work, will the camera remain secure, and is there really any value in the cost?

The Capture POV is for anyone looking for additional mounting options, and more convenience of having a camera easily accessible and detachable.  Having a GoPro next to your shoulder means you can see what’s going on with it, you know when it’s on and when it’s recording.  It also removes very easily, we found leaving the mounting plate attached to a backpack all the time is most convenient, and the ability to adjust in many angles while maintaining a compact profile, something that GoPro chest mounts have a little more problem with
Prime Design Capture POV Review - Prime Design Capture POV Review -
Prime Design Capture POV Review - GearChase.comRemoving the Capture POV from the packing first thought is just how heavy duty it is.  It something I’d defiantly trust securing a GoPro, point and shoot, or even a light weight DSLR camera to.  Playing around with it, of course ignoring the instructions, we found a few buttons and screws.  One button (The red one) is a quick release, while the other button is actually a screw for locking in the clip.  Seems nice to start with and hold, but there was some septicemic.  The plate is a little bulky, how would it will feel on your hip, or attached to a backpack strap.  Also, just how stable would it hold a GoPro for filming when mounted to a backpack strap?  The heavy duty adjustable clamp is the main piece of the camera holder.  It includes two large screws it two different lengths for different thicknesses of straps or belts.  The knobs are tightened to secure or clamp down the mount on really anything you want.  One side secures the two pieces together, while the other side is free swinging open to rotate the clip to apply and remove the clamp.  The plate is attachable at any 90 degree angle, and slides in and locks in place. This makes it still easy to open the case when the camera is mounted.  Very easy to attach and remove cameras from the mount. Peak Design POV Review

On your hip or backpack vs hanging around your neck.  If  your the type that gets annoyed by bouncing, swinging, cameras, or having to dig for your GoPro when you want a quick video or photo having it quickly accessible is valuable.  It could mean the difference between getting or missing the shot.  From grabbing a quick video at the kids soccer game, to recording your next death defying stunt.  In all honesty, this is where the Peak Design really shines and really the only reason we can see justifying this mount.  GoPro mounts don’t quick release, don’t rotate as easy, and have a large profile.  The Capture POV can go almost as many places as GoPro mounts (well except for the obvious helmet mount, theoretically, you could attach it to your chin strap, but we hope you can see the problem with that).  The mount can be used on shoes, boots, belts, and backpacks.  An big downside for the GoPro is that you really do need the “Stabilizing” pad behind the shoulder strap to get quality POV video. The stabilizing pad is annoying, it’s always falling on the ground when you remove the Capture POV and forget it’s sitting behind it.  Even with the pad, there is more camera movement that we would like, however, it’s not any worse that the GoPro chest mount.

There is some competition out there for the POV,  we instantly think about the GoPro chest mount.  The major difference is the the compact versatility and stability of the Capture POV vs. the bulky and extended use of multiple GoPro pieces.

Then there are other GoPro accessories like the GoPole mounts, but they don’t really offer any POV attachments.  There is a company called RAM Mounts that offers a lot of complicated mounts, but again, nothing that attaches to the body like the Capture POV.  For this reason, it’s our number one pick for luggin, and shooting with a GoPro.


  • Fit’s on backpacks or belt up to 3 inches wide and a little over a half inch thick
  • Can hold GoPro, Point and Shoot, and DSLR
  • Will work for any camera with standard tripod mount
  • Heavy duty while still remaining fairly light weight
  • Locking mechanism & quick release


  • Always there
  • Rotate left/right and up/down
  • High Quality/ heavy duty
  • Fantastic quick release


  • Still not as stable as a helmet mount
  • A little bulky on a backpack/belt
  • Had a little trouble getting the lock screw to always engage


With the innovation of the Capture POV, we are given a high quality heavy duty functional option for carrying our camera and mounting our GoPro.  The quick release plate just works great, we never had an issue with attaching or detaching the plate.  As a value for cost benefit, it’s hard to miss.  With GoPro chest mounts costing around $40 for a few extra dollars, you can get a lot more options, as well as a more secure mount.

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