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Rareform – Unique Billboard Bags

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Have you seen these bags from Rareform?  They make everything from Surfboard bags to hip packs, even wallets.  The catch is that Rareform bags are made from recycled billboard.  That’s right, tough, bombproof upcycled billboards.

We got our hands on a Hip Pack and wallet from Rareform and got to play with these for a bit.  The stand out colors and unique material make these pack and bags good eye candy.  Because these are coming from billboards, the options are limitless, choose a base color, and then a print that meets your style.Rareform Hip Pack GearChase.com

The hip pack and wallet both have a fun liner that go well with the overall pack.  A simple adjustable strap and two compartments for all your goodies.

Rareform Wallet GearChase

The simple slim wallet is just like every other wallet, except it was created from upcycled billboards!  So the cool factor jumps up a bit.

Bottom line is that Rareform products are just plane unique.  With so many different colors and billboards, they are sure to stand out.  Check out their surfbags, duffle bags, and other options for lugging around your goods.  Their prices are really good too, if your looking for a tote for your goods, give them a look.

Rareform Billboard Bags

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