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What a great way to take portable pressured water with you anywhereGearChase
The RinseKit portable Sprayer was not exactly a Kickstarter success.  It was invented from the need to rinse off after swimming in the ocean to remove the salt water from wet suits and surf boards.  People quickly realized that the RinseKit had an infinite number of uses.  From rinsing off the dog, to watering plants to washing bikes and hosing off muddy boots.  The list goes on and on. We had a chance to use the RinseKit first hand and here is what we thought.

The main principle behind the rinse kit is that you store presurised water from your hose or water spicket and take it with you.  Simply attach the refill nossel to a garden  hose or spiket and store the hose in the top of the RinseKit and be on your way.  When water is needed, simply pull the hose out of the lid and rinse off.  To refill, just hook the hose back up to your hose and in about 20 seconds your filled back up.  

When we first took a look at the Rinsekit for review, a lot of questions came to mind as well as a lot of doubt.  We wondered if the RinseKit would really store pressure and for how long?  We also wondered just how useful was two gallons, and how heavy was this going to be to lug around? While we wish it sprayed longer, and wish it weight less, and wish it had higher pressure for longer. The RinseKit found the a great balance between all of these. It’s light enough that a young kid can lug it around. It’s got enough water for a single use, to rinse off mud, take a quick shower, or water some plants.

Having the RinseKit sitting around the house is ideal.  It’s very easy to refill.  We couldn’t stop using it. We used it to water hard to reach plants, wash bikes, rinse off kids, wash dogs, hose off feet.  We got very use to reaching for it instead of the garden hose. With the quick refill time, and portibility it’s easier that unrolling the garden hose for small projects around the house. Additionally, anytime we left the house we would think to ourself “Am I going to need to rinse anything off?” and usually ended up just throwing it in the back of the car just in case.

  1. Very Strong Construction
  2. Strong braided hose
  3. Simple, complicated parts to break
  4. Strong pressure (for short time on high flow settings)
  5. 7 Spray Nozzle included
  6. Light Weight (even for two gallons of water)
  7. Really fills up in about 20 seconds

We tested the Risekit on each nozzle below to see how long it took before each spray ran out of water. The test was done with the Rinsekit resting on the ground while standing and spraying the nozzle. We have a little over 40 psi coming out of our faucet to give you an idea. You may get better or worse results depending on your pressure from your faucet.

Also worth pointing out during our test, we timed filling the Rinsekit from both completely empty and refilling after use. It took 33 seconds to fill up the Rinsekit from empty, and took 29 seconds to refill the Rinsekit after use.

While the times below do point out the overall spray time, the water wasn’t completely useful the entire time.

Nozzle Type Noticed Loss in Pressure Usefull Time Water Gone
Jet 15 Seconds 1 Min 40 Seconds 2 Min 35 Seconds
Jet 15 Seconds 1 Min 40 Seconds 2 Min 35 Seconds
Shower 15 Seconds 1 Min 10 Seconds 1 Min 30 Seconds
Mist 3 Min 20 Seconds 5 Min 0 Seconds 11 Min 30 Seconds
Soaker 25 Seconds 55 Seconds 1 Min 20 Seconds
Cone 15 Seconds 45 Seconds 1 Min 50 Seconds
Flat 28 Seconds 1 Min 50 Seconds 2 Min 50 Seconds
Mist Nozzle Spray
Center Nozzle Spray
Flat Nozzle Spray
Jet Nozzle Spray
Cone Nozzle Spray
Shower Nozzle Spray
Soaker Nozzle Spray

Putting on the Presure

We love mountain biking in Moab, Utah and thought we would bring a long the RinseKit for our next mountain bike adventure.  It was apparent that we had a problem after our first use to rinse off the bikes and feet.  When camping there is no easy way to refill without the included nossel and spicket.  You might find yourself hitting up gas stations and RV parks just to fill up the RinseKit.

While the benefit of having not moving parts to break, it would be nice to have a way to manually pump up with rinse kit when camping and refilling from other water sources. For multiple day trips, or larger groups the RinseKit fell short. This isn’t for a multi-day camping trip, more for short trips away from the house where you might need a quick rinse.

We even tried filling up the Rinsekit from the drain valve and set it on the back of the truck hoping that it would at least gravity feed the hose, but it didn’t.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest down side is the quick loss of pressure, while the hose is still very useful, the full pressure seems to die off pretty quickly, within about 30 seconds when fully open.  I would like to see a hose attachment with smaller nozzle to conserve the pressure for longer.

Another downside, which is also a trade off to the amount of weight you want to lug around is the spray time.  The RinseKit is advertised at providing a 4 minute continuous shower.  We found that it was more like 3 minutes and even less when using a high volume nozzel.   Also, while the spray is continuous, the unit is constantly loosing pressure when in use.  For most uses, this isn’t really an issue as you can still shower with the amount of pressure that is being expelled.

The RinseKit is ideal for the person who take day trips, and returns home to recharge the system. Perfect for a trip to the beach with just enough water to rinse off the salt. It’s all self contained which makes it great for storage, or a place to sit down on. You can find even more information at http://www.rinsekit.com/


We have been notified by Rinsekit that this fall they will be releasing an field fill kit to refill the Rinsekit from any water source and pressurize the water in the tank. Additionally, there is a sink adapter that can be used to fill from any sink, to provide some additionally convenience.

Lastly, Rinsekit let us know there there are some other things cooking in the tank… Literally, they are coming out with a heated version of the Rinsekit to make warm showers a common theme when at the beach or on the mountains.

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