RTIC Duffle Bag Review 👜

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I have owned a few other rugged duffle bags like the popular The North Face Duffle and Dakine’s weather-resistant duffle bag. The material used for the Rtic bag is the strongest feeling and most durable I have used.

The duffle bags come in 3 sizes Large 140 liters, Medium 70 Liters, and Small 40 liters. I have used the 70 liters and 140 liters and find them to be the most useful for multiday trips. The bags are not waterproof, but I’ve used them on river trips and in the bed of trucks on many dirty, wet trips, and all my clothing and bedding I kept inside stayed clean and dry.

The two external zippers remind me of the “T” style pulls on the Rtic coolers. They are a beefy and sometimes difficult zipper to get started.

The duffle bags all have tiedown points as well as compression straps on the side to secure the load or make it more stable when carrying it on your back.

There are no fancy dividers or multiple pockets on the inside. Just one large pocket with a single zipper to store items you may need easy access to.

A clear luggage tag slot is located on the top side of the duffle bag.

The Rtic duffle bags have plenty of carrying options. There is the standard attached straps from the side with a velcro closure to hold them together on top. There are also two handles on each end of the duffle. These make it great for loading and unloading the bag from different angles, there is always a way to grab it or maneuver it with multiple people which is helpful for the large 140-liter bag.

The Rtic duffle bags just look cool with their backpack straps attached to the webbing and attachments points on the bag. You wouldn’t want to go miles backpacking with these on your back (although I guess you could) but the removable backpack and shoulder straps make the bags a lot easier to move around freeing up your hands for other items.


The super tough duffle bag competes with the main competitors and costs almost half what they do. If you are only concerned with keeping content out of the elements and don’t care about brand recognition and value plays more of a role than prestige the Rtic Duffle Bags are the best bags you can get for the money.

RTIC Duffle Bag Review
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The Rtic rugged duffle bag is a durable duffle bag that offers protection from rain, snow, dirt, and dust. The duffle bags come in three sizes: 40 liters, 70 liters, and 140 liters. There is a place for a luggage tag, an internal mesh zipper pocket and attachments for shoulder strap or backpack straps on the outside.