XCEL Apparel – Boardshorts and Shirts

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XCEL Boardshorts Review

XCEL is a name synonymous with wetsuits. They also produce a lot of apparel; boardshorts, long and short sleeve shirts all great for beachwear and designed to the details that their wetsuits are built with.  We had a chance to try out and give our honest review of their apparel.

XCEL currently offers 4 different styles of boardshorts from 17” to 19” inseam starting at $45 up to $65. The main difference between the cheaper Axis and Comp board shorts is that you don’t get any grip around the waistline.

The Infinity boardshorts come with a silicone waistband that helps keep it in place. It also has welded seams that lay flat and just look good as opposed to sewn seams.  The silicone waistband can sometimes pull on the skin or hair and make it a little uncomfortable.

My personal favorite is the Drylock boardshorts. The waistband in the Drylock boardshorts feels almost like leather or a chamois. They also come with welded seams and four-way stretch fabric. XCEL also claims the leg hem is “Laser Cut” I’m not exactly sure what that means but they lay really flat and straight.

XCEL Shirts and Hoodies

XCEL also has a variety of wet/dry shirts in short sleeves, long sleeves,s and hooded. Most of them are antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, and maintain their shape when wet. They are UVA/UVB protectants and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. These shirts start at about $30 and go up to $60.

Keep in mind these are not your average cotton t-shirts they are designed for use around water and humidity. They are also great at wicking moisture and keeping cool in the heat.  I like the minimal branding on most of the XCEL shirts.  My favorite has to be the Threadx Solid Short Sleeve UV shirt.  It is lightweight, but not thin. It fits well, there isn’t excess material when there shouldn’t be and the length is perfect for my size.


The apparel from XCEL is worth looking at if you are a fan of their wetsuits. You can check out XCEL Apparel directly on their website here. or browse GearChase for sales on XCEL products.