Valwix Electric Paddle Board Pump Review

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Valwix Electric SUP Pump
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The Valwix Electric Air Pump is the perfect companion to your stand-up paddleboard, rafts, kayaks, or other blow-up water toys or air mattresses. The pump can reach 20 PSI from a 12v car connection. It’s all enclosed in a solid plastic body with auto shut off inflation once the pressure is reached. It only takes about 15 min to blow up a paddleboard depending on the size. It can blow up three in a row before needing time to cool down. If you blow up multiple boards, are tired of using hand pumps, the Valwix electric pump is an inexpensive alternative that will save your arms for paddling instead of pumping.

The Valwix Electric paddleboard pump is a popular option on Amazon because of its price and good reviews. I have owned the pump for the last month and given it fair use as well as tried to overheat the unit. If you have used a manual pump to inflate your stand-up paddleboard or have to blow up multiple boards you might be looking for a cheap and quality pump that offers good value and saves your arms for paddling not pumping.


Maximum pressure20 PSI
Weight4.85 lbs
Size (L x W x H)12.6 x 7.7 x 3.9 inches; 4.85 Pounds
Voltage12 V (Car plug)
Inflation Stage 1350L/min (Maximum speed)
Inflation Stage 270L/min (Maximum pressure)
Nozzles/AccessoriesC7, H3, Round 17 mm, Cone 7.3 mm
Cord length9.8 ft
Max usage time30 minutes (continuously), 3 Paddleboards
Warranty1 year

Whats in the box?

  • Whale Pump
  • Hose
  • 7 Valve Adapters
  • 9.8ft Power Cord
  • Replaceable Cigarette Lighter Plug
  • User Manual

Valiwix Pump Inflation and Deflation

We have been using the Valwix pump along side the Outdoor Master Pump. You can see our review of the Outdoor Master pump here. On average for a 10.5 foot paddleboard, it takes about 11 min to inflate to 13 PSI, 12 min. to inflate to 14 PSI, and 13 min to inflate to 15 PSI (the most common recommended pressure for paddleboards). Similar to the Outdoormaster electric pump the Valwix is a 2 stage pump. The first phase gets a large volume of air into the paddleboard very quickly usually just a couple of minutes. The pump then kicks into phase two that is much slower. This is similar to a lot of hand pumps that use a “High Volume” setting and a “High Pressure” setting to get the board up to the proper PSI and stiffness without the difficulty of pushing the pump down. This is also when you notice the pump working harder, and heating up more.

I often don’t use the deflation function of the pump unless I plan to store the paddleboard and want it tightly rolled up as it will suck all the air from the inflatable paddle board. I like to depress the release button and let the pressure escape then attach the deflation and turn on the pump. It takes about two minutes to suck all the air from the paddleboard and it makes it much easier to roll up. This is a common feature with most paddleboard pumps we have tried.

One feature of the Valwix paddleboard over the Outdoormaster pump is that the attachment valves are connected to the actual hose making them more convenient and less easy to lose. However, they can get in the way when attaching the paddleboard to the pump hose.

Using the deflation function of the pump allows you to compress the board more than just rolling it up. You can see in the photo above how easy it was to fit the paddleboard into the bag when fully deflated.

Using the Valwix electric pump

The pump is very easy to use. Just plug it into a 12-volt cigarette lighter in a car and turn the ignition to ensure the make sure power is flowing.

Attach the pump to the paddleboard and press the power button. You will hear air start to flow into the board. Make sure that all connections are airtight or it can cause the pump to overwork and the board will take a very long time to inflate.

While the pump is running you can use the “+” and “-” buttons to increase or decrease the set PSI. This will flash what the PSI is set to and then return to the current PSI on screen. There PSI/BAR button allows you to switch the conversion between the two. This is also displayed on the display.

Pump Compatibility

The pump comes with 7 fittings for different inflatables. Included with the pump are the following screw-on valves: H3 (Halkey-Roberts) adapter, C7 (Learfield) adapter, or an S2 (compatible with Halkey Roberts valve and Waveline XS Dingly valve)


In conclusion, the Valwix pump can usually be found for $100 with the $20 coupon that is readily available on This is about $30 cheaper than the Outdoormaster pump that can usually be found for the Outdoormaster pump. They both look very similar and perform the same when we have used them. The hose lengths and plug lengths are almost identical. There is a slight difference in the form factor and the Valwix does come with a cheap bag. Time will tell as we continue to use them which one will outlast the other.