Dakine Kodiac Glove Review

Dakine Kodiak Glove Review

Travis GneitingReviews, Snow

We just got the new Dakine Kodiak gloves that are gore-tex and primaloft line for comfort. We were looking for a solid Backcountry gloves made from leather. We decided on the Kodiak gloves to try because of the durability of leather as well as the waterproofing that Nikwax provides.

The gloves have gore-tex coating as well as gore-tex grip technology. Gore-tech grip technology is a new feature that offers the feel of grip and height activity movable. It provides gore-tex as an outer membrane to keep the gloves dry and repel water. It’s also a layered construction which attaches the normally loose layers of a glove together so you don’t get the bunching issues that you do with layered gloves. That gives you better dexterity and easier use with the gloves which are ideal for back country use as well as other cold weather activities.

The gloves also have Primaloft insulation on the inside. Primaloft offers warmth without the bulk of other installations it’s also water resistant breathable and packable when compressed it can loft back up once the gloves are put on. The warmth to weight ratio of Primaloft is very good it’s also extremely soft and pleasant on the hands.

The clothes fit a little bit large from what we are used to they are very comfortable and offer an adjustable strap around the wrist to keep Snow out and under the coat. There is extra leather around the palm of the gloves for durability. We wish there was some additional weather around the pointer and middle finger for snowboarders when using their bindings often get more wear on these two fingers. On the back of the Sun there is a soft piece of material for wiping booger nose on. Around the underside of the wrist this material continues with a pull tab to help get the gloves on.

The gloves fit well under the coat and have a small pinch clip to keep the gloves together when stored.

The Nikwax is a necessity for leather gloves and we have been highly impressed with it in the past. It does need to be reapplied every few months of use. But it goes on very easily just put the gloves on and squirt a little in the palm of the hand and work throughout the gloves both top and bottom. We have found that we have to do this about every 20 days on the mountain to keep them completely waterproof.

We absolutely love these Dakine Kodiak gloves, Dakine offers a two year warranty on them. These gloves retail for $125 which is expensive for a pair of gloves but we have found using leather gloves they last a lot longer and are more comfortable, warm, and feel better when putting on and taking off then typical gloves. If you are someone that spends time wearing your gloves off the mountain and on the mountain for occasional work around the yard or spend time in the backcountry these gloves are a great option.