Superfeet Insole Review

Superfeet Insole Review

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Superfeet Insole Review

The Superfeet Carbon Insole offer a low profile super strong and durable insole perfect for everything from biking to trail running.  Most insoles lift the foot too high out of the shoe that it begins to fit differently, or it trys to minimise the profile and ends up with a insole that offers little to no benefit.  The Carbon superfeet insole has the best of both worlds.  It provides a light weight platform that is suitable for any shoe and barely out weights most shoes original insole.

We had the chance to try out the men’s and women’s versions of the Superfeet Carbon insole and were pretty impressed by the benefits base on the reasonable cost.  The first step with the insole is a moving one, you will notice a slight difference from your previous insoles, to me it felt like my feet were  smiling.  The slight arch support and cushioning make walking around just a little more enjoyable.

Athletic Footwear Insoles

pdp-green-v5This is where these really shined.  I replaced the insoles of my five-ten mountain bike shoes which have a very stiff sole and the outcome was amazing.  The flex in the Carbon was perfect, because I wasn’t pounding against them like you do during a run, they offered even more support and control. Because of the heel cup, it keeps your foot from moving around in your shoe so much.  Result: More control, comfort and ultimate athletic performance.

I have relatively low arches (actually completely flat duck feet if  you ask my girlfriend) and noticed that while the arch support felt great when walking around and low impact sports, it quickly built up heat and friction when running.  The low platform keeps the impact to a minimum on the arch of the foot while cradling the heel providing more support that traditional insoles – which is the optimal construction concept for an athletic insole, yet one mold can’t fit everyone.  The carbon is super light weight offering a solid stable slightly flexible platform for your foot.


Superfeet:  The Bottom Line


For not much more that the cost of a nice dinner, you could we walking, running, jumping and biking in foot comfort.  If you have been plagued with any type of foot pain, or are just looking for a little more support and stability then Superfeet should be on the top of your list.  With their 60 day money back guarantee you are not out anything to give them a shot.  Whether it’s a little comfort, or a competitive edge you are searching for, give Superfeet a worry free try.  For someone that suffers with chronic knee pain, poor foot support can be a leading contributor.   As much as we all would love to sport sneakers around everywhere for comfort sake – for some reason that is against the dress code at work, or maybe sneakers just don’t look good with a suit.



In addition to catering to the outdoor enthusiast crowd, Superfeet also has a soft spot for the casual, dress and business crew alike.  Specifically, we were intrigued by their Delux Women’s High Heel insole, as most athletic footwear companies wouldn’t even attempt to outfit this finicky crowd. Compared to the design of other high heel insole inserts the SuperFeet Delux is completely opposite.  The SuperFeet High heel insole offers it’s support at the heel of the foot, completely tapering off under the arch of your foot – with no padding whatsoever under the palm of your foot.  Other high heel inserts, especially over-the counter grocery store brands feature gel padding at the palm of the feet with very minimal padding on the heel.  Very skeptical the thin insoles would add any comfort to her 4 inch heels, our tester set out to test out how the SuperFeet Delux Women’s High Heel Insole would perform.  After 5 hours mostly on her feet, our tester was amazed that the insoles stayed completely in place, in fact even forgetting she even had insoles on (without the need for any sticky tape or adhesive like other brands).  Our tester was also completely amazed that her feet were not absolutely killing her at the end of the day – as she hadn’t anticipated wearing the heels for the full 5 hours.  Whether or not you are an outdoor adventure addict, any girl who loves heels yet wants to enjoy wearing them needs to check out SuperFeet high heel insoles.


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