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The mug that literally broke the internet is back for round 2. The updated version of the extremely popular Stanley Quencher Tumbler was released on September 13, 2022. It has a few noteworthy upgrades to the second version of The Quencher mainly the rubber thumb and finger grip, a rubber straw gripper, 4 sizes, and 9 exciting colors to choose from. These will sell out in a matter of minutes, just like the previous model did.

If you missed our review of the original Stanley Quencher v1 you can find it here.


The new colors offered are:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Chambray
  • Eucalyptus
  • Yarrow
  • Fog
  • Black
  • Flint
  • Charcoal
  • Cream

The names don’t do these beautiful colors justice. Head over to Stanley’s website to see a better visual of the colors.


  • 40 OZ / 1.18 L
  • 30 OZ
  • 20 OZ
  • 14 OZ


The first version of The Quencher only came in a 40 OZ size. It was large and when full of water weight over 3 lbs. It’s still a great mug for road trips, but after using the 30 OZ mug around the home and office I feel like it’s a perfect size. I avoid carpal tunnel and can leave the heavy lifting for the gym. It means refilling it slightly more frequently, but I haven’t minded the trade-off.

Ice Retention

The vacuum-sealed tumbler keeps ice the same as before, maybe slightly longer with the seal around the straw now.

Handle Durability

If you have searched around the internet there were a small number of people that had issues with the screws falling out, or the weld breaking where the handle brackets attached to the bottle. It appears that these have been resolved with a larger screw attaching the handle to the bottle.


Complaints have been made that the water leaks too easily around the lid. The new model has a rubber gasket around the straw and seems to have resolved any issues around the screw top for leaking. Obviously, there is still a hole in the lid that can leak water. If the cup is acedently tipped over a small amount of water will leak, but not as much as in the previous cup. See the video above for an example.

Should you upgrade to The New QUENCHER H2.0 FLOWSTATE™ TUMBLER

If you already own a Stanley Quencher you should consider the new gripy handle, rubber around the straw, an alternate size or color would be the only reason I would choose to upgrade. That being said, the new 30 OZ tumbler is the perfect size for me, and might be for you too.