Unbound Merino Review

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Unbound Merino Apparel Review
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Unbound Merino Apparel Review

Unbound Merino is a brand that makes quality merino wool clothing. Everything from shirts and shorts to sweat pants, hoodies, and socks. The company started as a crowdfunding(https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/unbound-merino-the-ultimate-travel-hack#/) campaign that raised $374,390 USD from almost 2000 backers in 2016. The idea was to simplify the traveling wardrobe with a garment that could be worn multiple days without the need for laundry. Outside of the functional conveniences, Unbound Merino clothing is nicer to wear, it doesn’t smell, regulates temperature better than other synthetics, drys quickly, and is wrinkle resistant.

Unbound Merino Pants Review

We received a pare of the MerinoTencel Sweatpants to review.  Right out of the box, you can feel the quality and see the modern fit of the pants.  The modern fit with the superfund premium merino wool makes these comfortable travel pants for the plane to the hotel and out on the town.  The pants like other Merino wool products are odor resistant, temperature regulating, fast-drying, and wrinkle resistant. 

It’s worth pointing out that a single pair of the Unbound Merino Tencel sweatpants cost $145. That may be excessive but when taking into consideration these pants can be worn for days in a row while traveling, take up less room when packing, and are far more comfortable than much less expensive sweatpants.

Merino wool has a natural waxy coating called lanolin what helps it to naturally resist moisture and stay stink-free.  Tencel is a cellulosic fiber that can be combined with other fibers like cotton or wool to enhance the aesthetics and functionally of the fabric like greater strength, efficient moisture absorption, and gentleness to skin.

The Unbound Merino sweatpants are made from 69% Tencel, 20% Merino Wool, and 2% Spandex and manufactured in China. They have a drawstring, two zipper pockets in the back, and two hand pockets in the front.  The hand pockets also have smaller pockets inside. The right side has a small zipperless pouch while the left side has a larger pocket for a wallet, keys, or a small phone. The bottom of the sweatpants is tapered but there is no elastic at the bottom. They have a slightly slim yet comfortable flowing fit. 

Unbound Merino Raglan Crew Sweatshirt Review

The Unbound Merino Raglan Crew Sweatshirt is a comfortable stylish fitting merino wool sweatshirt great for travel and layering for warmth.  The Raglan Crew mixes 97% merino wool and 3% elastane for durability and stretch.

The Unbound Merino sweatshirt right out of the box has a soft comfortable high quality feel to it. I’ve owned a few other merino shirts and sweatshirts, in fact, you can see some other reviews on Merino clothing here. The Unbound Merino Raglan Crew is the highest quality merino sweatshirt I’ve worn.  The Merino wool used is measured at 17.5 microns (really small) that gives the sweatshirt a soft and light feel. It’s really something you need to feel to understand.

The Merino sweatshirt offers the same benefits as the other Merino garments: no stink, fast-drying, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and slim packing.

Unbound Merino Sock Review

The Unbound Merino socks are as impressive as their tops and bottoms. They are a thick wool sock that offers ample cushioning and warmth for any season. They are reinforced in the heel and toe and are a great sock for traveling. They keep feet warm even when wet. They also are odor resistant, fast drying, anti-wrinkle, and temperature regulating. One great feature is that they can easily be hand washed in a sink and hung to dry. The socks retail for about $20 a pair wich is very reasonable for wool socks.

How do you wash Unbound Merino Clothing?

You can machine wash in normal or cool temperature settings or hand wash with mild soap in a sink. To dry, place flat on a breathable surface out of direct sunlight.

What is Unbound Merino’s clothing made of?

Unbound Merino clothing is made of merino wool and often mixed with other fabrics like Tencel, Elastane, and spandex to give it different properties, fit and stretch. 

Where is Unbound Merino’s clothing made.

Unbound Merino clothing is made in China.

Where is Unbound Merino’s wool sourced?

Unbound Merino wool is sourced from Australia. 

Is Unbound Merino good?

Unbound Merino is a responsible good company that responsibly sources its wool from Australian farmers.  Unbound Merino products are some of the best feeling, fitting, and packable merino products on the market.

Who owns Unbound Merino?

There are three founding members of Unbound Merino: Dan Demsky, Andrew Cariboni

What is Unbound Merino Warranty

There doesn’t appear to be any warranty offered by Unbound Merino that we could locate.

What is Unbound Merino Return Policy

You can return clothing that you purchased directly from unboundmerino.com as long as it is unworn, unwashed, and in the original condition in which it was delivered. Unbound Merino offers a full refund or exchange for any reason within 90 days from the ship date.  There are no returns on socks or underwear for sanitary reasons.

http://returns.unboundmerino.com/ to begin your return or exchange.

  • Exchanges are subject to availability. A refund will be processed if the product you requested is unavailable.
  • Please note that all socks and underwear are FINAL SALE and can not be returned or exchanged for sanitary reason

About Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino got its starters in Canada when 3 friends that loved to travel.  When traveling they were turned on to the natural features of Merino wool.  Merino wool is a great travel garment because of its durability, anti-order, and natural elements. They came up with an idea to create a company that incorporated merino wool into stylish, versatile clothing for travel and everyday life.  Clothing that could look good and functional on a plane or in the woods hiking and still be worn to dinner at night.  Unbound Merino was designed for world travelers but has found its way to the homes of many customers that are just looking for top-quality merino clothing. 


Unbound Merino makes a very high-quality merino wool product. If you are looking for top quality and comfort it’s worth a try. With cold weather on it’s why it’s highly recommended.