Urban Cycle Clothing Review

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Urban Cycle is based out of Missouri and Arkansas they offer value priced cycle clothing. They offer road, mountain, gravel, and city clothing designed for biking. We were sent some clothing to try out and provide our opinion on to give you an idea if Urban Cycle clothing is right for you.

I recently had the chance to ride the shredder Urban Cycle mountain bike shorts, they came with their own padded chamois for under $60. I recently wore the shorts in a base layer on a mountain bike ride in southern Utah. The most attractive thing about these shorts is the value for the price. Most mountain bike shorts are well over $60 and do not include a chamois or padding. Comparing the Urban Cycle shorts with some of my other favorites from Pearl Izumi and Dakine there are some noticeable differences. I will leave it up to the reader to decide if the cost savings out way the features and fit.

The fit of the Urban Cycle Shredder definitely fits different than any other mountain bike short I’ve worn. They are very high-waisted coming well above my belly button. I am 5’10 165 lb wearing a size large, the waist is a little large but I would prefer the waist of a large over a medium for my height and weight. The chamois sits even higher than the shorts on my torso when pulled all the way up they come well above my belly button. I can see how this would be a preferred fit for some who like the compression or the coverage where a jersey might creep up the back. The overall build quality felt well, and I like the lightweight polyester stretch material. The pockets were well sized and offered plenty of breathabilities. The chamois had a very simple design with a flat single pad. If you have never ridden a padded chamois before you will notice a great improvement over nothing. However, if you have ridden more expensive Chamois before you will notice a difference from a multi-layered, contoured pad. That being said, you are paying about $25 for the padded chamois. It’s nearly impossible to find a padded bike short at that price.

The shorts are multi-paneled with secure zipper pockets and adjustable waist with velcro tabs. They are a loose fitting bike short. Around the legs there is plenty of room to fit over the top of knee pads.

Most base layers cost at least twice as much as Urban Cycle base layers. I tried out the Men’s Mesh Baselayer in the sleeveless version. It’s a simple, lightweight 100% polyester mesh top. Designed like most to help keep you dry, by evaporating sweat and cooling on hot days and adding a layer of warm air on colder days. More expensive options from other companies may provide a cocktail of fabrics, panels, and stretching, but if you are looking for a great deal on an entry-level base layer you need to check out Urban Cycle Base Layer.

Urban Cycle Clothing really offers a great, inexpensive way to get into cycling clothing. To me that is the real benefit. I’ve ridden bike shorts that cost over $300. They are amazing, they fit like a glove, but not everyone is going to spend that kind of money for bike clothing. Especially when risking damaging them during a wreck. Urban Cycle gets you into a basic base layer for under $30 they even have entire top jerseys and bottom bib cycle kits for under $100

If you are looking to get into new cycle clothing without spending an arm and a leg take a look at Urban Cycling.