Wuben X1 Flashlight Review

Travis GneitingLights

The Wuben light X1 flashlight is a uniquely shaped rectangle flashlight with a massive 12,000 Lumen output and a beam length of 994 ft. The flashlight doesn’t always shine at this brightness and has multiple settings that are programable which makes it a very versatile and unique flashlight.

The Lightok X1 comes in two different colors a black and white color. It has fast charging enabled and can be completely charged in 2 hours. It’s a versatile light that can be used for a wide array of applications.

There’s one main button on the top of the flashlight that rotates through seven different modes from Turbo at the 12000 lumens hi, medium, low, eco, strobe, and SOS signal.

You can purchase an additional amount that screws into the bottom of the flashlight to attach to a bike handlebars or you can use the lanyard or belt case to carry the flashlight with you it’s rectangle design keeps it low profile.

Inside the flashlight are two 4,800 milliamp hour batteries that can keep the flashlight running for up to 220 hours on eco mode using turbo mode you can get just over an hour of light use. when using the light on turbo mode it can get warm and there is a built-in fan with a vent on the side you will hear and feel in your hand.

Product Specifications:

  • Output Range: 12,000 lumens to 20 lumens
  • Run Time: 1 hour to 220 hours (depending on mode)
  • Beam Distance: 303 meters on high Turbo to 9 meters on eco
  • Beam Intensity: 23,000 candelas on Turbo, 21 candelas on eco
  • LED Lights: Three CREE XHP70.2 6000 Kelvin LEDs
  • Impact Resistance: Up to 1 meter
  • Waterproof Rating: IP55
  • Weight: 379 grams


In conclusion, the X1 offers a range of impressive features and functionalities. Its unique shape prevents it from rolling around, making it more convenient than circular lights. The light’s heavy and solid build quality gives it a durable feel, and the easy-to-press button ensures effortless operation.

One notable downside, however, is the complexity of navigating through the various modes and remembering the different button combinations required to operate the flashlight. Additionally, some users may find the light’s cooler tone less preferable.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the [Product Name] excels as a versatile tool for everyday carry. Whether you need to light up an entire trail or enjoy a quiet evening around a campfire reading a book, this flashlight provides the perfect illumination.