Wuben Lightok X0 vs. G2 Multi-Function EDC Light

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Two very popular lights from Wuben are the X0 Mini carry light and the G2 Mini flashlight that can attach to a keyring. if you are trying to decide between the two or just looking for a new tiny everyday carry light to meet your needs around your car campsite, or hiking these are both great options but there are some major differences.

First off the XO Easy carry light is very small yet has a claimed brightness of 1,100 lumens it also has a magnetic tail cap which allows it to easily be set on the hood of a car or other metal objects to hold it in place. The light shining in the direction needed with its 90° light angle makes it convenient for vertical carry or vertical attachment with the magnet. It has a 3-in-1 button on top with a nice tactile feel. it charges via a USB-C port and is enabled with fast charging and can charge from completely dead to full in just an hour and a half.

The light weighs in at 82g and is about 2in tall. Its light angle is 175°, which makes it perfect for wearing on a backpack strap while hiking it is ip68 weatherproof rated and can even be clipped on a belt to shine forward while walking. The beam throw on turbo setting is about 125m and I’m low and moon mode is about 22m which is great for reading when clipped to a hat.

It uses One OS RAM P9 LED which has a nice balance color.

Wuben G2

The G2 is a surprisingly bright and useful light that can attach to a key ring and is easily removable with its magnetic twist clip design. it has always stayed on my keys but I do fear that this could come off and be detached from a key ring. it also has fast charging built in via USB C and charges in under an hour.

There are five different modes turbo, high, medium, low, and moon, from the OSRMP9 light. It is about the same height at 2 in but has a very slim about half-inch body. The bottom of the light is also magnetic and can be used to attach to Magnetic surfaces projecting the light at a 90° angle. There’s a built-in led to indicate charging or when the light is fully charged.

Because this site is so small and comes with an included clip and magnet it makes it a little more versatile than the X0. it doesn’t feel as heavy when attached to the brim of a hat or a shirt collar.

What is best for me? 

If you’re trying to decide between the X0 and the G2 lights the biggest deciding factor for me is the weight of the lights if you plan on carrying it daily or attaching it to clothing or hats I would opt for the G2 light. the battery will not last as long but it’s much more convenient unless noticeable when carrying.

If you are looking for a more versatile light that you can use in more applications like hiking or lighting up large areas I would recommend going with the g2. It offers more lumens output the battery will last longer and I really like the tactile feel of the button on top as well as a much stronger magnet on the bottom.


Wuben makes some really high-quality machined lights that fill very strong in hand I do feel like the light output is slightly overclaimed but the lights are still plenty bright for the applications I used them for. with all of the use of the magnet on the bottom, it has become one of my favorite features of both of these lights. Because of the low cost of these lights, I would recommend picking up one of each. I think you will find many applications for these around your house and in your car as well as Outdoors. The capability to charge these via USBC is also very convenient.