XX2i Optics France2 Sport Sunglasses Review

Travis GneitingReviews

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The XX2i France2 sunglasses are an exceptional value. They offer a great sport sunglasses with all the main features of a big brand sunglasses name, but at around half the price. The France2 are very light weight adjustable on the nose and temple. The light weight of the glasses feel great on ling rides. The nose piece and temple grips are interchangeable. The hard case is nice addition to an exceptional valued set of sunglasses.

XX2i Optics has been know as a great value sunglasses company catering to outdoor enthusiast who enjoy running, cycling, angling, and more. We have been using the France2 sunglasses for cycling over the last couple months and really enjoyed them, but had some complaints. too.  Above, you can see what is included in the box,

  • 3 sets of lenses
  • 3 sets of nose pieces and temple rubbers
  • Cleaning cloth and storage pouch for lens and glasses
  • Tool for changing nose piece
  • Hard Case

The sunglasses are very adjustable with the ear pieces and nose adjustment.  You can bend and shape them to fit your face.  I have a larger face, so i was able to open the nose piece up more to get the glasses centered around my eye. This is something I’ve always hard a hard time with glasses that don’t offer adjustability.  The frames are made from hard light weight plastic that are flexible enough to easily pop the lens in and out.

The lens were very easy to swap out and felt very secure once a new set was “clicked” in. I didn’t anticipate how often I would be swapping out the lenses.  I end up riding a lot around dusk and typically bring a light with me.  I will take all three sets of lens with me. Riding the darker lens when I start my ride, switching to the medium lens at dusk, then the clear lens for night.

The nose piece is attached by two small screws. Even with the small tool provided, it took longer than expected to switch the nose piece color. It’s not something I plan on doing very often so it wasn’t a huge complaint.  The lens were high quality and offered a clear view and protection from the sun.

My biggest complaint about the glasses comes around the size. These are considered a larger frame set of sunglasses, but they are still too small for my face.  I like to have my sunglasses provide a substantial amount of wind and sun blocking.  The glasses while adjustable still allowed for a lot of air to enter under the lens into my eyes.  Additionally, riding at dusk parallel to the sun I noticed that the glasses didn’t extend far enough to the outside of my face, and the sun shone directly into the corner of my eye.

The case is another great value for these sunglasses.  Its something I can throw in a bike bag, or even the back pocket of a jersey.  Sunglasses costing twice as much don’t come with cases this nice.

I think the number one most stand our feature of these sunglasses is their warranty.  “Lifetime Warranty! No questions asked, you break or scratch them, send them back to be replaced for a nominal shipping and handling fee! ” and their return policy “XX2i orders have a 365 day return policy! If you are not happy for any reason, simply send your order back with a copy of the invoice and we’ll credit you in full. (less any shipping and handling fees, please note you would like full credit on your invoice)”


Overall these are an exceptional value for the price. With their return policy, you can try them out for just the cost of shipping and handling. If you can’t swallow paying over $200 for a set of sunglasses that always seem to end up getting scratched, broken, or lost then XX2i are a great option for you.