5 Bike Clothing Items You Should Own

Travis GneitingUncategorized

If you have been biking for a couple years now chances are you own the basics. Maybe you have a favorite pare of bike shorts, a jersey and helmet. What more could you need. There are so many new and innovative bike products that can make your rides more enjoyable.

Below we listed our 5 favorite upgrades to a cyclist kit after they have the basics and are looking for other ways to spend their hard earned money on their new favorite sport.

Long Distance Cycling Bib

You might own a pair of biking chamois, you might even own a pair of biking bibs. As you spend more time in the saddle, having a long distance cycling bib can increase the comfort on the bike for multi hour rides. The main difference between a regular cycling bib and a long distance cycling bib is in the foam padding in the chamois. While different manufactures make different styles for long distance bibs, the common similarity is the user of a higher density foam for pressure resistance, light weight, and highly elastic stretch for maximum comfort when spending hours upon hours in the saddle.

Bike Specific Sock

If you haven’t invested in a nice pair of riding shoes, it’s time to upgrade your socks too. A biking specific sock is much more comfortable than the cotton stockings you purchased off the shelve of your local store. A biking specific sock is stitched and formed to the shape of your foot. They are made with premium materials that can be designed to stay dry, warm, or just for comfort.

For years the Fox Trail and Ranger socks (https://www.foxracing.com/mtb/mens/socks/) have been my favorite trail and road riding socks. I have recently been riding a mid height sock from Gore that has become my favorite go to sock. The ankle hight is perfect for me on the road or dirt. They are light weight and breathable with added toe and heal protection. They are a preimum price at $20 USD, but it’s worth having at least one nice pair of cycling socks in your kit. Preimum socks will last a lot longer than your cheap department store socks as well. I’m going on 6 years with some of mine wearing them a few times a month. You can view the Gore socks here:

Windproof Underlayer

Base layers are a great option for improving comfort on rides. There are mesh style base layers that are worn under cycling jerseys that help with cooling. A base layer I find myself using more frequently is the windstopper by Gore. It’s similar to a warm weather base layer, but the front panel is made of a material that blocks the wind. I use this when the temperatures are around 50 to 60 Fahrenheit. It cuts down the cold from sweat and wind and still vents out the back. It’s one of my favorite additions to my kit I use both on-road and mountain with my favorite jerseys. You can check them out here.

Knee and Leg Warmers

In addition to blocking the wind from the front, another addition to your kit is a pair of leg and arm warmers. They come in multiple lengths, as well as with and without windblocking. It’s a good way to save you joints on colder rides, or when tempatures are up and down they can easily be removed and stored in a jersey pocket. I like rolling them up when I leave for a late evening ride when I know it’s going to cool off when the sun sets. It’s a great way to stay comfortable when temperatures are changing.