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The Ultimate OutdoorMaster Shark 2 SUP Pump Review

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Outdoormaster SUP Pump Review
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Quick Review

The Outdoor Master Shark 2 Pump is one of if not the best stand-up paddleboard (SUP) electric pumps I have personally used. It inflates and deflates paddleboards quickly, has a convenient car plug and multiple attachment inflation nosels. It works with almost every SUP. If you are shopping for an electric pump for your paddleboard that can handle multiple up to 3 paddleboards without cooling down, offers strong connections and adapters, a long cord, and a deflation option for the price and value you can’t beat the OutdoorMaster Shark 2. For more details about our experience personally using the OutdoorMaster over the last few months keep reading. Also, keep an eye on our website for OutdoorMaster Coupon codes and sales on the electric pump.

The OutdoorMaster Shark Pump II stands out from other stand-up paddleboard pumps because of its unique design, and cooling system that allows 3 paddleboards to be inflated in a row. It takes the manual labor and exhaustion out of pumping up a paddleboard by hand or allows you to pump up multiple boards at the same time with one person. I personally use it when me and my daughter head out paddleboarding. I can hook up the electric pump to her board while I pump up my board by hand. I’ve written my thoughts, usage, and specifications below to help you know if the Outdoormaster electric paddleboard pump is right for you.

OutdoorMaster Shark 2

Maximum pressure20 PSI
Weight3.6 lbs / 1.63 kg
Size (L x W x H)11.9″ x 9.45″ x 4.84″ / 30.23 cm x 24 cm x 12.29 cm
Voltage12 V (Car plug)
Inflation Stage 1350L/min (Maximum speed)
Inflation Stage 270L/min (Maximum pressure)
Nozzles/AccessoriesC7, H3, Round 17 mm, Cone 7.3 mm
Cord length9 ft (2.75 m)
Max usage time30 minutes (continuously)
Warranty1 year
The pump connects to almost all inflatable paddle boards

Pump Inflations/Deflation Speed

I have been using the OutdoorMaster Shark II for a few months now. On average it takes about 10 min to inflate a paddleboard to about 13 psi. The pump uses two stages. The first stage is a high volume to quickly get air in the board. The second stage is for higher pressure to firm up the board. You can hear the pump switch stages as it is inflating the board. Once the pump reaches the set pressure it will automatically shut off making it nice to leave it to unload the rest of the car, or working on pumping up another paddleboard by hand.

The deflation process takes about 3 minutes. I rarely use the deflation process except for long-term storage to get all the air removed for a more compact packing of the board. It’s much more convenient to just press and open the deflation valve on a paddleboard and start rolling it up so I don’t use this feature very offten.

Pump Compatibility

The pump is compatible with a wide variety of paddleboards, kayaks, and other inflatables. Included with the pump are the following screw-on valves: H3 (Halkey-Roberts) adapter, C7 (Learfield) adapter, or an S2 (compatible with Halkey Roberts valve and Waveline XS Dingly valve).

Additionally, the pump comes with two air tap nosels. These work great for inflating air mattresses, balloons, inflatable toys. One air tap nosel is a half-inch for higher volume and larger openings. The smaller air tap is a tapered quarter-inch opening for smaller valves like those found on inflatable pool toys.

To use the pump to inflate your paddleboard screw the hose into the port on the left side of the plug (there is labeling on the pump but it can be hard to read). On the other end of the hose attach the proper valve for the type of inflation you plan on doing. It is very important that an air-tight seal be made so that the pump can use its correct cycle (high or low volume) and not overheat. This means you need to have the rubber gasket properly attached. The pump comes with many gaskets to fit a number of different uses. If you are not sure if your gasket is sealing correctly, start with the largest one and work your way down in size.

After your hose is connected to the pump and your paddleboard plug in the DC plug to your car/truck 12V connector. It’s a good idea to have your vehicle running so you do not drain your battery.

I have been using the OutdoorMaster Shark 2 stand-up paddleboard electric pump for a few months now. I can give my honest recommendation that it is one of, if not the best electric stand-up paddleboard pump you can purchase.

How to use the Outdoormaster Shark Pump?

  1. Press the pressure button (PSI/BAR) to select the unit you would like.
  2. Set the desired target pressure by pressing the + or – button.
  3. Press the On/Off button to start inflation
  4. You can adjust the pressure during inflation by using the + and – buttons or stop the inflation by pressing the power button.
  5. Once the target pressure is reached the pump will stop inflating automatically.
  6. It’s a good idea to let the pump run for a few minutes after inflation to let it cool down before storage.

The pump should always be used out of the water in dry conditions and avoid using when covered by sand, dirt of other debris.


To use the deflation process of the pump, disconnect the hose from the inflation port and attach it to the deflation port of the pump on the right side of the plug. I have found it’s typically easier to just depress the deflation button on my paddleboard and wrap it up than go through the effort of plugging the pump back in and running the deflate process. However, it can be helpful when storing and trying to suck all the air out of the paddleboard.

How to use the Outdoormaster Shark Pump to deflate?

  1. Connect the hose to the inflatable valve
  2. Press the power button to start deflation. Note, the pump will not stop automatically like it did when inflating
  3. Press the power button to stop deflation.

Pro’s vs. Con’s

Ultra portableNo AC plug for outlet
Ease of useShort cord
Lighted controlsOdd shape, hard to store
Large LCD ScreenNo carrying bag
Active Cooling

Caring for your Air Pump

You should not store your pump with the DC plug into the socket, or with the hose attached. The pump has a built in cooling system. It will be on automatically when the pump is plugged in. However, it will shut off after 10 min of being idle until inflation is started again. To keep your pump cool and for multiple board inflation leave the pump plugged in to quickly cool the pump, and leave it running for at least 3 min after the last board is inflated to allow the motor to completely cool down.

You should store your pump in a dry and ventilated place. For example do not store your pump in the bottom of a boat with wet life jackets.

OutdoorMaster Shark 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What accessories come with the OutdoorMaster Shark 2 pump?
The OutdoorMaster pump comes with the following accessories: Air pump, connection hose, H3 (Halkey-Roberts) adapter, C7 (Learfield) adapter, or an S2 (compatible with Halkey Roberts valve and Waveline XS Dingly valve)
How long is the OutdoorMaster Shark 2 Pump Hose
The hose that attaches from the pump to the paddleboard is 42 inches long.
What attachments come with the Outdoormaster Shark Pump?
H3 Valve
C7 Valve
S2 Valve
Air Tap Valve
What is the warranty period for the Outdoormaster Shark 2 pump?
Outdoormaster warranties The Shark 2 pump for one year when used with the original accessories. To submit warranty claims you should contact Outdoormaster by email at
What does PPPP code mean on my Outdoormaster Shark 2 pump?
The PPPP is an error code. It will turn off the pump if the air pressure increase is less than 0.01 psi or there is zero increase.
What does U-H code mean on my Outdoormaster Shark 2 pump?
The U-H code will flash on the LCD screen when the voltage is greater than or equal to 15V as a safety precaution. It will return to normal use when the voltage is decreased.
What does HOT code mean on my Outdoormaster Shark 2 pump?
The code HOT indicates that the internal temperature of the pump is above 85c/185F and may need to cool down.
Can you pump up car tires with a SUP pump?
No, there are no adapters for car tires with this pump. Additionally, the pump maximum pressure is only 20 PSI much less than required for a car tire.
How long is the inflation hose on the OutdoorMaster Shark Pump?
The inflation hose is about 3 feet or 36 inch.

Review Conclusion

The Outdoormaster Shark pump currently has about 1100 reviews on Amazon, with a verified rating of 4.4 out of 5 for a reason. It is one of the best electric inflatable pumps on the market. It’s easy to carry, can inflate multiple boards without cooling off first. It’s nice to just set the pressure and walk away knowing it will shut off when the paddleboard is full. This allows me to manually pump up another board while the electric pump is pumping a different board.

I have also found many other uses for the pump from air mattresses and inflatable kayaks to filling balloons and inflatable pool toys. The pump is a great value when compared to other electric inflatable pumps because of it’s added features.

We will continue using the pump throughout the summer and keep you updated on any further comments we have both positive and negative.