Elite Sterzo Smart Review

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The Elite Sterzo is a great companion to any smart trainer to make riding stationary bikes indoors more fun. Sometimes it’s just too cold outside, you have limited times, or just out of convenience you choose to ride your bike at home. If you are like me, riding on a bike trainer can be boring, even with Zwift. The new wireless, double ANT, and Bluetooth powered Elite Sterzo Smart is a riser block that sits under the front tire of a stationary bike connected to an indoor trainer and allows some steering capabilities when riding in Zwift.

The riser block rotates from right to left under the front wheel. It’s not a natural feeling like that of riding a bike where you might be leaning into turns, but it takes a little sting off the rigidness of a stationary bike. It’s also worth contrasting it to a trainer like the Kinetic Rock and Roll that provides a little more movement on the bike in a side-to-side motion (which also doesn’t feel extremely natural but can take the sting out of a stationary bike.)

The Sterzo currently retails for $125 USD. If you have a smart trainer and use Zwift, it’s a no brainer purchase for me. Especially if you are someone that needs a little extra excitement when riding bikes indoors. It adds a little more playful ness to Zwift, and they are release new features here and there like drafting and line choice with the Sterzo.

The standard riser block is shown in front and the Elite Sterzo Smart steering plate shown in the back. You can see it sits slightly lower than the standard riser block. It has anti-slip rubber feet on the bottom and I never had an issue with it moving on a mat or carpet.

The set up was super easy. The Sterzo comes with batteries, and simply sliding the steerer from one side to the other activates the Bluetooth/Ant+ to turn on. This is indicated by the blue light.

Clicking on the Sterzo button in Zwift in the bottom left corner will start searching for the Sterzo. Make sure the Sterzo is awake by simply moving it side to side. It will then connect, super easy.

Conclusion Review of the Elite Sterzo

The Sterzo is a great relatively inexpensive upgrade to any indoor trainer. It doesn’t have to be used with an Elite trainer. For me it took a little of the boredom out riding indoors over the winter. You can check out the full details on Elite website.