Acurite Hunting and Fishing Weather Forecaster Review

Travis GneitingReviews

As if you needed another reason to get out hunting or fishing, the Acurite Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter with Weather Forecaster will give you one more. With Acurite Hunting and Fishing weather station you can keep an eye on the lunar positioning that can help maximize your success in the hunt or on the stream. Acurite sent us the Hunting and fishing forecaster to try out and provide our thought on. We have included links in this article that we receive a commission from, however they do not effect our review of this product.

The Hunting and Fishing Activity Tracker and Weather Meter offers location based 12 and 24 hour weather forecast, that are self calibrating. This is provided by the remote sensor that is placed out side up to 50 meters away from the main unit. This works very well through multiple walls in a home. We had it placed out back and were able to read the temperature and weather forecast from anywhere in the home including the basement.

The main unit provides outdoor temperature readings including monthly high and low information, barometric pressure and history to analyze the rise and fall of the pressure. The unit can be mounted on the wall or set on a counter top. Although we found that the viewing angle on a counter top is less that ideal at close range and ended up laying it flat on the counter to make reading at close range more convenient.

  • Hunt & Fish Meter

    The hunting and fishing meter indicates when the optimal time is to hunt and fish based on the moon and feeding patterns

  • Weather Forcast

    The current and forecasted weather is shown on the weather meter

  • Outdoor Tempature

    Via the remote sensor the outdoor temperature is shown on the device

  • Daily & Monthly High/Low Tempature

    Stores the high and low for the day and month and displays next to current outdoor tempature

  • Barometric Pressure & History

    The barometric pressure indicates a change in weather, and current history is displayed for rise and fall

  • Smart Date & Time

    The date and time update automatically

  • Moon Phases

    Current moon phase is displayed to indicate solunar theory waning and waxing

  • 1 Year Warranty

    All Acurite products come with a 1 year warranty


While there is some speculation regarding the lunar cycle and it’s effect on hunting and fishing, we found it pretty interesting to watch as the moon cycle effected what the forecaster believed were more populate hunting times. For the price, around $45 it’s a pretty handy gadget to have around the house. We really liked the historical high and low temperature for day and month. This is something that isn’t usually included in home meters in this price range. Additionally, the forecast and atmospheric pressure reading are nice to be able to glance over at throughout the day when we are stuck at a desk typing product reviews.

One complaint is the viewing angle of the readout is pretty poor. It basically needs to be at eye level to read comfortably. Also, the wife might not be too happy about the camo colored temperature gauge in the house, so it may be more of a garage item.

For more information about Moon phase and it’s impact on hunting and fishing visit this page put together by Acurite. It offers a great overview why the moon phases are believed to effect hunting and fishing.

Acurite is also always running deals and sales on their products. In fact right now the Hunting and Fishing Activity Meter is marked down, and there is a coupon code for an additional 13% off. Check the link below to see the current deals on Acurite products.