Moji Massage Review

Moji Curve, Foot, and Mini Massage Review

Travis GneitingReviews

Moji Massage

If you have used heat, cold, massage, foam rollers, etc. in your recovery cycle after a good workout. The Moji lineup is a great addition that fills in some of the gaps of other recovery tools. We are a firm believer in foam rolling, and have been using them for years. However, sometimes they are just too big to pack around, or you have a small spot on the shoulder that needs some attention.

The Moji fills in these needs. The Moji mini pro is so small you can slip it in a back pocket or carry on bag. The Curve also takes up minimal space while still being able to work tight quads or calfs as you might use a foam roller for.

Moji Curve Pro

The Moji Curve is by far the most versatile massager of the group. It’s easy to use legs and back. The four evenly spaced rollers are great for rolling around the spin and rocking back and forth across the quad muscles.

It’s perfect size for both men and women to use, and great for isolating larger muscle groups. It can be used in back and forth motion, in circles and side to side . One of our favorites was using the Curve on the IT band and Quads. It’s the benefit of foam rolling without the bulk of lugging one around.

One concern we have with the Moji Curve is that durability. We really like to push hard on the Curve to get the deep tissue. The product flexes with heavy load, but we haven’t had any issue with the plastic breaking or weakening yet. We will keep you updated as we continue to use the Curve if any issue arise.

Moji Foot Pro

This was our least favorite of the Moji lineup we tried. The product is well build, and doesn’t slip or move around when massaging feet. The balls seemed to not slide as smooth when using. This may be because of the additional weight used with the foot pushing down on it. Using socks works a little better because the foot just slides over the balls that don’t roll. We tested it after long bike rides, runs, and hikes, and felt minimal relief from using it. It’s a solid product, we just didn’t find ourselves reaching for it like we do the Moji Mini Pro.

Moji Mini Pro

The Moji Mini is designed to relieve sore muscles. Each ball is placed to provide different pressure. The five center balls are sort of a core massager. The fingertip ball can apply a light pressure to sensitive muscles, while the large palm ball is designed to dig into those deep tissues. It’s oversized and provides an easier way to dig in.

This is our goto Moji products it’s easy to massage yourself, or have a partner massage back or hard to reach places.

Honestly we tried to come up with some con’s to this product but we just love it! It’s a great value for the price. We recommend spending the extra to get the pro version. It feels more solid in hand, and the option to freeze the balls for an ice massage is worth the slight cost increase.



All Moji products are easy to clean with an alcohol wipe. The balls can be removed with some patience if needed for a deeper cleaning.


All Moji products come with a 1 year warranty, so if there are any issues, rest assured they will be covered 100% by Moji

Final Words

For someone that’s interested in recovery or just loves a nice back rub, we found that the Moji products are far higher quality and a great value for the price compared to others on the market. It’s one of the products you try once and you’re hooked. Just rubbing it on your back while perusing a store will get you hooked. It makes a great gift for others, and you might reap the benefit of a free massage for sharing.