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We reviewed the 55 Quart Ice Vault Roto-Molded Cooler with wheels from Blue Coolers over the last couple of months. We have used Otterbox, Yeti, and Rtic coolers in the past and found that there was really no significance in overall performance from the value-priced Blue Cooler. If anything there were a couple of features we liked more about the wheeled 55-quart cooler from Blue.  The overall construction was extremely durable, the t-latches were strong and held the lid closed even on bumpy back roads in the bed of a truck.  The added ridged handle and wheels made this much easier for one person to move. The more square shape was preferable to a narrower wider shape of other coolers.  Overall, I recommend the Blue Coolers as one of the best value-priced coolers I have used, especially when comparing it to cheaper low-end coolers. It is definitely worth the upgrade cost for the Blue and the wheeled version in my opinion.

Version 2 Models

Seamless Rubber sealDrain plug not attached to the cooler
WheelsT-straps can break after extended use
Multiple carries optionsHeavy (but well built)

Updated – Version 3 Blue Cooler

Air tight gaskets and sealsDrain plug not attached to the cooler
WheelsT-straps can break after extended use
Multiple carries optionsHeavy (but well built)
Durable hindges
Easy close lock down latches
Free Shipping on all new 3.0 Coolers

Updated Version 3.0 Blue Cooler

The New Blue Cooler Version 3

For 2022 Blue cooler has updated their coolers again to version 3. The main upgrades from the prior model include:

  • A better air tight seal
  • New easy open close latches
  • Pressure Release Valve

New Models

  • New Companion Series 30 Quart
  • New Ice Vault Series 60 Quart
  • New Ice Vault Series 60 Quart with wheels
  • New Quart Ark Series 100 Quart
  • New Quart Ark Series 110 Quart with wheels

New Model Comparison

30Q Companion60Q Ice Vault60Q Ice Vault Wheeled100Q Ark110Q Ark Wheeled
Capacity30 Quarts60 Quarts60 Quarts100 Quarts110 Quarts
External DimensionsHeight: 15.8″
Length: 23.4″
Depth: 15.6″
Height: 17.5″
Length: 26.75″
Depth: 18″
Height: 17.5″
Length: 26.75″
Depth: 18″
Height: 19.5″
Length: 30.6″
Depth: 20.4″
Height: 19.5″
Length: 33.5″
Depth: 20.5″
Internal DimensionsHeight: 11″
Length: 16.75″
Depth: 10″
Height: 13″
Length: 20.5″
Depth: 13.25″
Height: 13″
Length: 20.5″
Depth: 13.25″
Height: 15.6″
Length: 23.75″
Depth: 16.25″
Height: 15″
Length: 27″
Depth: 16″
Weight21.2 lbs31 lbs36.5 lbs38.1 lbs46 lbs 
ColorsGrey, White, BlueGrey, White, BlueGrey, White, BlueGrey, White, BlueGrey, White, Blue

Should you upgrade to a newer model?

Upgrading from an exsisting model especially with of the same size comes down to a few key items. Do you have a hard time opening the older style “T” handles and want somethine easier to open for kids? Then yes you should upgrade. Another reason to upgrade is if you travel where elevation changes enought to create a vaccume in the cooler making it hard to open. The new bleed valve makes the cooler easier to open. The last option I would suggest is getting another cooler in a different size. I like the smaller coolers for small trips where i’m just trying to keep a few parishables and drinks cold. I love having a massive 110 quart cooler for week long trips to Lake Powell, Utah. The extra spece needed for a 50/50 ice ratio is appriciated.

The Blue Cooler 55 with wheels has a large metal handle for hauling a lot of weight around.

I have been using the blue cooler for the last couple months on biking trips, camping trips and soccer games. After using many other coolers in the past, having the wheels on the cooler make all the difference for one person being able to manage the cooler alone.

The Blue Cooler Feet are securely attached to the bottom of the cooler.

Blue Cooler Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are blue coolers any good?

Our personal experience, vast YouTube videos, and verified Amazon reviews indicate that Blue coolers are a very high-quality cooler and a reasonable price. Blue coolers have 77% 5-star reviews on Amazon with hundreds of happy customers. Yes, Blue coolers are very good coolers.

Where are blue coolers manufactured?

Most Blue coolers are manufactured in China.

The 4 rubber cooler feet align with the wheels for a stable platform for sitting.

Are Blue coolers better than Yeti?

Reviewing over 40 videos on YouTube and countless reviews for “Yeti vs. Blue Cooler” Blue coolers outperform Yeti coolers in ice retention test as well as value (price per storage).

Which Brands Keep Ice the longest?

Typical ice retention for a rotomolded cooler is anywhere from 4 to 10 days. There are a lot of variables that play into how long ice will last. This included cooler starting temperature, food temperature, where the cooler is stored, airflow, ambient temperature. There are many top brands that are considered the best at keeping ice the longest. They are Orca, Engel, Yeti, Pelican, Grizzly, Kong, RovR, and of course Blue Coolers.

Blue cooler hinge riveted together.

Who Owns Blue Coolers?

Blue Coolers is a family-owned company by two friends Marcus Sorensen and Chris Studdert

Do Blue Coolers Float?

Blue coolers are not 100% waterproof and if completely loaded with food and ice will not float.  However, an empty cooler will float unless completely submerged where water can leak in through the air seal around the lid.

The cooler divider can double as a cutting board in a pinch.

Are Blue Coolers worth the Money?

The most compelling argument for spending your money on a Blue cooler is that you are getting a high-quality cooler at a fraction of the cost.  The value in terms of keeping cold things cold with a Blue Cooler is definitely worth the money.

Are Blue coolers bear proof?

For a product to be considered bear-proof or bear-resistant it must meet the IGBC certification. While reviewing the recent IGBC Certified list of coolers for 2021, Blue coolers are not listed as certified.  However, with a similar design to Yeti and other coolers on the IGBC and the use of a lock (which is required by other certified bear-resistant coolers), it’s safe to believe that your Blue Cooler would be bear-resistant.

“Products on both lists have met IGBC standards as grizzly bear-resistant but it is not a guarantee that a grizzly bear cannot gain entry into these products. Nor does the IGBC guarantee that small amounts of the contents of the containers won’t be able to leak or spill out.” 

There is a noticeable gap when the cooler is closed, this ensures a good air seal.

What size Blue cooler should I buy?

To decide what cooler you should buy, first look at your needs and space for using the cooler.  How much food will you be chilling, and for how long?  Remember, for proper cooling, there should be about a 70 to 30 mix of ice to food. For short road trips where it’s convenient to have a cooler inside the vehicle while driving the 30-quart cooler is a great option.  For longer trips off-grid the 55 quarts or 55 quarts wheeled is a better option.  For trips, 4+ days off-grid with multiple people the 100 quart Blue cooler is the best choice.  

How does a Blue cooler work?

Blue coolers work so well because they are manufactured with a process called roto-molding short for rotational molding. It ensures a consistent and even wall thickness of the cooler for durability.  The shell is then filled with foam (much like the insulated spray foam you can buy in a can). The foam sandwiched between the hard inner and outer shell of the roto-molded cooler and lid and seal keep warm air and temperatures out of the cooler allowing it to remain cold for up to 10 days in 80+ degree heat. 

The Blue Cooler accessories kit is a must have with a basket to hold items out of the ice water.

What is Roto Molded?

Roto molding is a process where a mold is created and filled with a plastic resin.  The mold is then heated up (and cooled) a number of times while the mold is rotating, coating all sides equally with the melted plastic resin.  This is a popular way of making coolers because of the durability and uniform thickness it produces.  

How to Clean a Blue Cooler?

The best way to clean a cooler is with soap and water and a non abrasive brush. Simply wet the cooler, apply some dish soap and scrub it down, then rinse it off.  For coolers that have taken on a special odor or stains, you can use a diluted mixture of bleach (6:1) with a scrub brush and allow the bleach to sit in the cooler to help reduce the odor. 

How to Pack a Blue Cooler?

The best way to pack a cooler is by using block ice lining the bottom of the cooler. Then pack meat or frozen food tightly to the ice. Use other space for dairy and finally produce on top.  There are many ways to pack a cooler, another way is to layer items in with cubed ices filling in the empty spaces. The main key to remember is to reduce the air in the cooler when packing by filling it with ice or foam. 

How to secure a Blue Cooler in a truck bed?

The easiest way to secure a Blue cooler is using a tie-down.  One way to secure the cooler while not preventing the lid from being opened is to run the tie-down in the rope handle under the cooler, up through the handle, and to a d-link or tie-down hook in the bed of a truck.

The middle rectangle hold is for tying down the cooler to a truck bed.

What coolers have wheels?

Blue coolers are not the only cooler company that provides coolers with wheels.  Yeti, Pelican, Igloo, even Colman make coolers with wheels.

What color of Blue cooler should I get?

If you are looking for the most efficient color cooler to buy, white will keep cooler in the sun than a colored cooler. White however shows dirt and scuffs more than other colors. You may also want to consider the aesthetics of the cooler on the backside by side and may opt for blue or grey color.

The wheels are made of a hard plastic that still provide more grip than expected.

When is the best time to buy a cooler?

Blue coolers often have promotions around holidays where you can save 10% off.  For example, the current Memorial Day sale offers 10% off everything on their site with the coupon code SAVE10. Aside from price, you may also want to take into account availability.  As the summer winds on, cooler sizes and colors often sell out. This means purchasing a cooler in the colder months is often a better time to buy a cooler if you are looking for a specific size and color.

How do you store a Blue cooler?

When not using your Blue cooler remove the drain plug and prop the lid slightly open. This can be done by placing a newspaper or other soft object that will not damage the seal in the opening. This allows any moisture or smells to escape and prevent smells, mold, and mildew from forming inside.

With Blue Coolers 55 means 55 quart.

Is there a cooler as good or better than Yeti?

In terms of construction and ice retention, there are a lot of coolers on the market that meet or exceed the functionality of Yeti coolers. 

Yeti, Blue, or Rtic?

Yeti, Blue, and Rtic coolers are all roto-molded coolers with very similar quality and construction. They all hold ice and keep things cold for about the same amount of time.  If you are interested in a brand following at a premium price, you should buy a Yeti.  If you are looking for a high-quality value cooler then I would recommend either Blue coolers or Rtic coolers.

Can you use dry ice in a Blue Cooler?

Yes, you can use dry ice in Blue Coolers.  When using dry ice it is a good idea to separate it from your cooler contents with some paper or bubble wrap.  Also worth noting, if you are using dry ice in a cooler it gives off carbon dioxide which can be harmful.


A cooler is meant to keep cold things cold, or even hot things warm. The Blue cooler does an amazing job at regulating temperatures. The construction is as rugged as any other roto-molded cooler on the market. The price and quality of a Blue cooler make them a win for a long-lasting cooler.