Endura Single Track Lite Mountain Bike Shorts Review

Travis GneitingApparel, Bikes, Reviews

I have been wearing the Endura Singletrack lite mountain bike shorts for the last month and here is my honest review of them.

The Endura single-track light short is a lightweight short for cross country or light Enduro riding. Endura sent us a pair to try out. The short is made of a four-way stretch nylon fabric that feels durable and slick to the touch but lightweight. They have a slightly baggy fit to them with a lot of extra room for shorts, and pads under them. There are two buttons and a zipper front as well as an adjustable waistband.

The shorts have perforated holes on the inside and outside of the legs that make these shorts extremely breathable. They are a great choice for the hot days here in Utah where we are well over 100 degrees. The shorts overall have a light feel to them. That with the shorts’ breathable holes they are perfect for hot days.

The shorts have a flat seam that is glued instead of sewn. That easily fits over knee pads. I have the Dakine Slayer knee pads on here.

The shorts have a slightly baggy cut to them with an angled cut on the bottom to allow them to stay over your knee pads and provide additional protection around the knees. They work well with small to large size knee pads. I use them with my Fox Enduro knee pads, the Dakine knee pads, and 611 knee pads and they all worked great underneath the shorts.

The shorts have logos silk-screened on the outside. As you can see the shorts get dusty and dirty in the dry Utah dirt.

The single track light short I’m wearing is in size medium. I am about 165 lb 5 ft 10 in. The shorts hang well over the knee pads which keeps nice coverage when in a seated pedaling position.

There are a number of pockets around the singletrack light short all zippered. It’s worth pointing out that the pockets on the front are flat and sometimes difficult to get into when in a seated position.

The single-track light short has a baggy fit. There’s plenty of room for a bike short underneath. The single-track light short also includes Enduras clickfast compatibility. If you are using Enduras liner short there are buttons that line up with the single track light short to attach your liners.

I would recommend these shorts for someone looking for a baggy-fitting highly breathable and comfortable lightweight shorts. They are also very quick drying if wet has an adjustable waist and added grip on the inside to keep the shorts up.