Klean Kanteen TK Canister Review

Travis GneitingReviews

The Klean Kanteen TK canister is a double-wall vacuum-sealed canister for holding hot or cold food and liquids well on the go. The Klean Kanteen TK canister comes in three sizes we have been using them for the last few weeks and this is our honest review.

The TK canisters come in 32 oz, 16 oz, and 8 oz sizes. The larger size claims to keep hot foods warm for up to 11 hours and cold food chilled for up to 45 hours the smaller sizes range from about 7 hours hot to 20 hours cold. These claims were under perfect circumstances when the containers were properly chilled ahead of time not opened and closed repetitively and stored in a relatively cool shady spot that went outdoors. Realistically, when we were using the TK canisters you can expect them to keep your cold food cold for the day, and warm food warm for the day. I wouldn’t recommend planning on the TK canister to keep your food cold for 45 hours.

One of the cool features about the TK canister from Klean Kanteen is there is a quarter-turn lid that makes it easy to open and close. Also, the wide-mouth design makes it easy to eat directly from the container. The containers are leakproof and stainless steel they won’t shatter or rust are BPA and toxic-free.

The handles on the canisters are convenient for hauling around and opening the container. I was also surprised to see the containers are dishwasher safe. Additionally, the Insulated Food Canisters are great for all sorts of food storage. The food canister has a unique dotted quarter-turn screw-on lid.

My favorite use for the TK canisters is filling them full of cold fruit and taking them hiking or climbing. It’s always nice to have refreshing cold fruit after an outing in the hot sun. I’m looking forward to bringing hot soup in the winter that we can eat directly from the container and clean up is ease.


The Klean Kanteen TK canister is really for someone looking to haul small amounts of warm or cold food or beverages. I prefer them overhauling around a large cooler full of ice when I’m on small outings. The convenience to eat right out of the container and the ease of cleanup when I get home to make these a great option for hauling food at a certain temperature.