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Fanttik Tire Inflators Reviewed

Fantttik wireless portable ball and tire pumps are an easy cordpess way of inflating on the go. They are a sturdy, high quality built product with a build in light and pump for inflating up to 150 PSI.

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Pros and Cons of the Fanttik Apex Tire Inflator

  • Built in light
  • Wireless tire inflation
  • LED Display, Preset Stop Points
  • A little too bulky to take with you on the go
  • Limited PSI on X8 Nano
  • Adapters needed for different valves



You have got to check out these battery-powered portable pumps made by Fanttik. they offer a variety of battery power and PSI through their different sizes. the largest model is great for pumping up car tires and higher volume items as well as high pressure items like road bike tires. the smallest Nano pump is great for pumping up Sports balls like basketballs and footballs on the go with its built-in needle storage. if you are tired of using hand pumps the Fanttik pumps might be just what you need. here is an overview and description of my use of the three pumps giving a fair unbiased opinion and comparison of the three.

Image of Fanttik Apex
Photo Credit: Travis Gneiting

8X Apex Tire Inflator

The Fanttik X8 Apex is the fastest portable battery powered pump, it pumps twice as fast as the X8. Inside of the Apex R3 2600 milliamp hour batteries. This is enough to pump up four car tires. There are also four modes that have preset pressure for convenience when inflating bicycles motorcycles, cars, and balls. these can be adjusted to a specific pressure if needed. There is also an auto off feature that will shut the unit off when the desired pressure is reached. also included with the X8 Apex is a LED light that makes it convenient when using the pump in the dark as well as an SOS flashing strobe.

The battery powered pump is too large to carry around on a bike, but perfect for keeping stored in your car. It’s charged via USB-C which makes it convenient when on the go. It has a max PSI of 150 and can also be used as a battery Bank to charge other devices. I have found it super convenient to quickly inflate my truck tires after deflating them when off-road. I also use it for topping off bike tires before rides I find it more convenient than using a hand pump and with the large volume batteries, it lasts me months without having to recharge it.

Image of Fanttik Apex
Photo: Travis Gneiting

X8 Tire Inflator

The Fanatic X8 is a slightly smaller version than the Apex it can still reach 150 psi and can inflate a car tire motorcycle bikes balls and other inflatables. It also has preset controls for these items. the pressure can be increased or decreased by one PSI. The X8 is small enough to be portable in a bike jersey pocket or carrying bag which makes it the perfect size for a portable powerful tire inflator

Inside is a 5,200 milliamp hour battery it has a large LED screen that is easy to read . It cannot be used as a power bank like the Apex can be used it weighs in at 1.3 lb this is my go-to for portable air on the go. it will need to be recharged more frequently than the Apex but the size convenience is worth it for me.

Image of Fanttik Apex
Photo: Travis Gneiting

X8 Nano

The X8 Nano is meant for small items it can inflate to a maximum of 19.9 PSI. It has one 2,200 milliamp hour battery and is meant for inflating sports balls. The five preset PSIs are for volleyballs basketballs soccer balls footballs and other small inflatables. it also has an built-in LED light

One nice feature about the Nano is that it has a built-in ball needle adapter that is stored as well as a hose. It has a smaller LED readout on one end and is super portable. I do wish that the PSI reached up to 35 so that it could pump up more items for example bike tires. The Nano is really designed only for use with inflatable sports balls as it doesn’t have the volume or pressure to fill up larger items.

Image of Fanttik Apex
Photo: Travis Gneiting


  • USB-C Charging
  • Flexible Hose
  • Works on presta and sc
  • Preset Pressure
  • Portable

Fanttik FAQ

What is the max psi a battery powered pump can reach?

Fanntik’s larger pumps can reach 150 PSI, while the smaller Nano pump can reach 19.9 PSI

Where are Fanttik pumps made?

Fanttik pumps are made in China.

Do Fanttik pumps go on sale?

Yes there are multiple ways to find discounts, look for coupons on their website as well as signing up for newsletters.

What is the warranty on Fanttik pumps?

The Fanttik pumps come with a 1 year warranty

Does Fanttik offer free shipping?

Yes Fanttik offers free shipping on all their products at the time of this review

What is Fanttik’s return policy?

Fanttik offers a 30 day return guarantee.

Final Thoughts

The X8 lineup from Fanttik are an incredible resource for portable air on the go without the worry about having to plug in a pump or manually pump up devices. They are extremely well built when you hold them they feel very high quality they feel durable and come with a nice carrying case. Aside from the Nano lacking a little power I would highly recommend these pumps to any of my friends or family. they make great gifts and you find yourself using them more frequently than you would think.