Outdoor Master Skate Helmet Review

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The Bottom Line

The OutdoorMaster Skate Helmet is a versatile, impact-resistant protective gear designed for skateboarding, roller-skating, BMX biking, and scootering. It features an adjustable dial system, 12 ventilation holes, and moisture-wicking, removable padding for optimal comfort and safety during outdoor sports activities. Compliant with US CPSC safety standards, it ensures reliable head protection.

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Pros and Cons of the Outdoor Master Skate Helmet

  • Great Value
  • Certified Protection
  • Adjustable rear strap for a better more secure fit
  • Foam core should be replaced more frequent than solid padded helmets
  • Minimal padding
  • Better fitting helmets depending on head shape and budget



As an avid outdoor enthusiest, I’ve used a number of different helmets. Everything from $20 up to $300 USD. The Outdoor Master helmet stands out to me with it’s crash safety rating and value price. It’s very well constructed and feels high quality in hand. It is offered in a number of different sizes and colors.

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The helmet comes in number of different colors and sizes. It also has adjustable padded under chin strap that most kids find comfortable. It also has an additional adjustment around the back of the head. There are removable thin pads on the inside of the helmet that provide a l ittle cushioning. These are removable and washable. The helmet includes some replacement pads that are the same size as the original, not used to adjust the fit of the helmet.

Image of Outdoor Master Skate Helmet
Photo: Travis Gneiting

My Personal Use

I have worn the helmet on a few bike rides and skateboarding. I have a tall head and feel that if fits me a little to high for comfort. However, my friends that have worn the same helmet see it sit well, or lower on their head. The helmet just fits different head types differently and it’s hard to know how it will fit your head without trying it on. A side from assessing the fit on top of your head. There are plenty of adjustments to make it fit well from side to side and front to back using the adjustable ratchet style adjustment in the back of the helmet. For the price and protection offered I would recomend this to friends for them self or their kids. I think its a great value for the price.

Image of Outdoor Master Skate Helmet
Photo: Travis Gneiting

Additional Thoughts

One feature that sets this helmet apart is the adjustable dial system, which allows for a customized, secure fit. The moisture-wicking, removable padding also adds to the overall comfort, making long skate sessions more enjoyable.

In summary, the OutdoorMaster Skate Helmet has exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort, safety, and style. Its user-friendly design and reliable protection make it an excellent choice for skateboarders, roller-skaters, BMX bikers, and scooter enthusiasts alike.

Image of Outdoor Master Skate Helmet
Photo: Travis Gneiting


  • Adjustable for Adults and bigger kids
  • Medium, Large and Extra Large Sizes
  • Many Color Options
  • Multi-Sport Use
  • Fits between 20 and 25 inch depending on size
  • Soft inner padding
  • Padded chin strap
Image of Outdoor Master Skate Helmet
Photo: Travis Gneiting

Outdoor Master FAQ

How do I know what size helmet to buy

Helmets are usually sized by the circumfrance of your head. Simply wrap a tape measure or a string that can be measured around your head and compare it to the size chart for the helmet you are purchasing.

Do helmets need holes?

Most helmets have holes for ventalation. If you are using it for sports in hot environments you should look for a helmet with holes for vents for comfort. Some helmets don’t have holes or vents becasue they are more areo-dynamic or like ski helmets keep the warmth in.

How tight should I wear my helmet?

Helmets shouldn’t rotate too much during a crash. They shouldn’t however be so tight they don’t move at all. Some of the rotational of the helmet can reduce the impact of a wreck. Please refure to each manufacture recomendation for helmet fit as different technologies like MIPS may be worn slightly different than a rock climbing helmet.

How do you know if a helmet is too small?

Helmets are too small and should be replaced if your head isn’t touching the top of the helmet. Additionally, if the helmet has no room from front to back it is too small.

Can you wear a hat under a helmet?

You can wear hats and beanies under helmets. Depending on the type and style of the helmet this may reduce or increase the performance of the helmet. Most manufactures recommend not wearing a hat under helmets.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a good value helmet, the Outdoor Master Skate helmet is hard to beat. It’s better than a lot of the skate helmets you might find at a grocery store. They are a well know name brand online and have years of experience with helmets in both the winter and summer helment categories.