Feedback Sports Sprint Repair Stand Review

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The Bottom Line

A lightweight, portable road and mountain bike repair stand from Feedback Sports that makes cleaning and maintaining bikes a breeze. Fully adjustable, rotatable, quick release points and 360 degree access to all angles of the bike.

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Pros and Cons of the Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Dont have to clamp to frame or seatpost
  • More stable repair stand


  • Heavy bikes are hard to mount
  • Have to remove front tire


You have likely seen this dropout-style bike stand if you have watched any major bike races. There is a reason these stands are popular among professional bike repair experts. I’ll review the Feedback Sports Sprint repair stand, provide the pros and cons as well as talk about other options for bike stands.

Image of Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand
Photo Credit: Travis Gneiting

Feedback Sports Sprint Repair Stand Assembly

The Feedback Sports Sprint stand is designed for all types of bikes but is traditionally used for road and gravel bikes due to the difficulty of mountain larger bikes on the stand, and requiring the front wheel to be removed.

The Feedback Sport Sprint stand stores away in a compact size that makes in easy to transport and has a smaller footprint when transporting. There are five quick-release levers for assembly. Starting at the bottom, extending the tripod legs, and locking them into place with a quick release. Up the main support shaft, there are two quick-release clamps stacked on top of each other. One quick release adjusts the height of the stand, while the other is designed to allow for rotation or locking rotation of the stand. Under the horizontal tray, there is a quick release for balancing the bike front to rear and locking it in place. Lastly, there is a quick release for the dropouts to attach the bike securely to the tray. Reversing these steps you can collapse the Feedback Sport Sprint stand back to it’s packable size.

Image of Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand
Photo: Travis Gneiting

Feedback Sport Sprint Stand Use

I enjoy using this stand with road and gravel bikes. The stability and ease of rotating the bike around, especially when cleaning the bike is more convenient than on a traditional stand. When I started using the sprint stand I was concerned bout the drive train interfering with the stand. It is a little tighter because the chainrings are closer to the stand and bottom bracket resting point. This is resolved by being able to rotate the bike up from the fork mount.

Using the Sprint stand is a bit more difficult the heavier the bikes get. It doesn’t make sense to me for a large travel downhill bike, or even a large travel bike. I think we see this stand on the Tour De France so frequently used by bike mechanics because it’s a great stand for cleaning bikes and checking them over quickly in a stable environment.

Image of Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand
Photo: Travis Gneiting

Feedback Sport Sprint Stand Adjustability

The Feedback Sports Sprint stand adjustment options make it a great option for many applications. It’s super portable weighing only 12.6 lbs and collapsing down to just 30.5 inches. A travel bag can be purchased for an additional cost which makes it a great stand on the go.

The height and angle of the stand can also be adjusted through a telescoping pole with a quick-release lever. The bike can be rotated in 360 degrees or locked in place from spinning. The height of the stand can be adjusted between 30 and 48 inches. I’ve found this is nice when sitting or standing to work on a bike. Putting a foot on a tripod leg and lifting up the tray smoothly glides up.

Image of Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand
Photo: Travis Gneiting


  • Small packed size 5″ x 7.5″ x 30″
  • 12 lbs total weight
  • Wide tripod legs
  • Quick release on all adjustment points
  • High quality aluminum construction resist rust
  • 40 lbs working load recommended
Image of Feedback Sports Sprint Bike Repair Stand
Photo: Travis Gneiting

Feedback Sports FAQ

Is Feedback Sports a good brand?

Yes, Feedback Sports has been making bike repair and maintence products for years out of Golden, Colorado. Their products have been used across the world and races including The Tour de France.

Can the Feedback Sport Sprint Stand hold Mountain Bikes

Yes, the suggested weight l imit is 40 lbs but can support up to 75 lbs. You may need a special adapter for the dropout.

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Final Thoughts

The Feedback Sports Bike Repair Stand is a small compact designed repair stand that is better suited for easier-to-manuver bikes like road and gravel bikes although it can work fairly well on other lightweight bikes. Once the bike is attached to the fork dropouts it feels very secure and one piece with the stand. The smaller tripod feet don’t extend out as far as seat clamp style stands. I prefer this stand to a seat-style stand when I have a bit more time to remove the front wheel or plan on doing a deep cleaning of my bike. For quick maintenance, I still prefer the seat post clamp style.