Gerber Compleat and Armbar Slim Drive Review

Travis GneitingReviews

The warranty comes with a lifetime warranty in North America and a 25-year limited warranty outside of North America to be free from defects in material and workmanship as long as the original owner owns the product. The armbar Slim has a Phillips and flathead screwdriver bottle opener and a single blade. Its small simple compact design makes it perfect for anyone that needs a screwdriver with them all the time. One thing I really liked about the screwdriver is that it was center mounted so that it was easy to rotate and use as a real screwdriver. The bit is held in place with a magnet and when not in use is pinched against the side of the cover to prevent it from falling out there is no locking mechanism on the screwdriver which was a bit frustrating at times when using awkward places.

The blade has a locking mechanism and a general shape making it perfect for a vast variety of applications. The texture and shape of the knife make it easy to grip even with wet hands. With an unconventional walking mechanism, it’s still easy to close with one hand. As we’ve come to expect from Gerber the blade is sharp and durable.

With the holiday season coming up these are great gift items that are inexpensive and practical.

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Gerber all-in-one spatula Fork tongs spoon and multi-tool is a great one-piece eating utensil for camping and backpacking. Of a condition, the complete cookie clean utensil has 10 tools in total and is corrosion resistant with textured handles and weighing in at only 2.5 oz. The spatula has a serrated edge to use as a knife and a silicone edge for cleaning out cups and pots after eating. The multi-tool has a veggie peeler bottle opener can opener and package opener built-in. It’s made of anodized aluminum material and hard plastic for the spatula.

One of the neat things about the complete tool is that it can be used as tongs by flipping a Spooner Fork around and attaching it to the spatula.

The multi-tool veggie peeler bottle opener and can opener work surprisingly well. However when using the veggie peeler your hand is placed against the sharp edges of the can opener and package opener which makes it a little difficult to use.