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Klean Kanteen Quick Look Review

Travis GneitingReviews

We have been looking at a lot of vacuum insulated bottles lately, you may have seen our review of the Fifty/Fifty bottles as well as the Hydro Flask review.  Well we have another one to look at, it’s the Klean Kanteen Insulated Vacuum bottle.  The reason we chose to look at the Klean Kanteen 20 oz bottle is that it offer a few different features that differ from the Hydro Flask or Fifty/Fifty bottles.

First off, you will notice the sipper top is completely different design from the others, it uses a spinning top that was completely leak proof.  The lid also comes apart into 4 pieces for cleaning.

Klean Kanteen - Lid Bottom

You can see in the photo above the cross shaped plastic piece that is screwed on in the bottom.  This unscrews to remove the rubber seal and top closure lid.  It’s a unique twisting lid that is remarkably leak proof, even being tossed around in a backpack.

Klean Kanteen - Lid Top

Twisting the lid opens and closes the sipping hole.  There is some resistance when closing and opening, this is because it’s pulling the rubber piece up from the bottom completely sealing the lid from leaks.  One unusual thing we noticed with this style of lid is that there is more nose room.  Yup, like the nose on your face has room to fit in the lid.  Other flip style lids fill up more space and we always end up rubbing our nose on the lid.

Klean Kanteen - Rim

The rest of the Klean Kanteen is pretty similar to other vacuum insulated bottles.  It keeps hot drinks hot for hours, even in sub freezing temperatures we were able to keep hot chocolate warm for over 6 hours.  Although the claim on their packaging states 14 hours for hot drinks and 48 hours for cold drinks may be stretching it.  It really depends on the outside temperature and the starting point of the beverage inside the container.

Klean Kanteen - Inside

The craftsmanship of the insulated bottle is really well, no seams in the lid, and a nice accent piece on the base of the bottle that is done in stainless steel and etched with bottle information.

Klean Kanteen - Weight

The bottle is constructed of 18/8 stainless steel which is pretty much standard for all metal water bottles.  The Klean Kanteen is also not dishwasher safe, nor is it meant to be frozen or microwaved.  It weighs just 363 grams (12.80 oz) empty.  In comparison the Hydro Flask weighs 317 grams, this is likely due to the bottom stainless steel cap, and slightly stronger “feeling” construction to the bottle.  The bottle is also about a half inch taller than a Hydro Flask bottle, again this is likely because of the accent at the bottom.

Also pictured above is the wide loop cap which is very strong and rugged.  We carried the bottle around with a carabiner for days and it showed no signs of letting down.


We like the look of the Klean Kanteen slightly more than the Hydro Flask, with the bottom accent, they both perform almost identically other than the different style of lid on Klean bottles.  The Klean Kanteen has a bit more mature color offering, and a more mature color palette.

I wish Klean Kanteen offered more options in their larger bottle sizes, like a 32 oz or 40 oz and straw options.

Lastly, worth pointing out is that Klean Kanteen is a certified B Corporation meaning they follow certain standards of social and environmental.  Klean is seeking to reduce garbage like water bottles and disposable cups, and we like that idea too.

Klean Kanteen defiantly come at a premium price, currently the Insulated Wide Mouth 20 oz bottle we looked at is $32.95.  You can usually find them on sale at GearChase.com. Amazon also has some great deals too, depending on the color and the seller and a very impressive 76% 5 star reviews.  According to fakespot.com these are real reviews too, not just paid, or fake reviews.