New Velo Senso Wilson Saddle Review

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Velo Mountain Bike Seat

We were sent the Velo bike seat to test out and give our honest review. We were not compensated for this review. We may receive a small compensation for purchases made through links on this review.

The Velo Senso Wilson is a new saddle just released from Velo. It has a tiny price tag and is aimed at mountain bikers were the majority of Velo seats are road bike saddles.

We headed off to Fruita, Colorado, USA and put the Senso Wilson seat on my Santa Cruz Megatower.

The Velo Senso is designed for mountain bikers with a 242mm length, a short nose and a rear cut out to prevent hitting the big 29 in tires.

The first thing you will notice when riding the Senso Wilson saddle is the grip and texture on top. I found my bike shorts getting hung up on the grip of the saddle a few times. Over time dirt and wear have smoothed out the grip.

The rails on the Senso are Cr-Mo (Chromium Molybdenum, or Chromoly), This saddle was designed to be tough and get the job done at a very good value.

The Saddle has a similar cutout under to relieve saddle pressure.


Overall, the first few rides took some getting use to for me. The saddle is a lot more grippy than the WTB Volt and other saddles I’ve ridden for years. The saddle is supportive enough for 2+ hour rides with no problem. I’ve got about 40 hours on the saddle now and feel like it’s a great value for someone looking for a mountain bike seat that’s a little smaller at 242mm where a lot of others in the same category are around 265mm. The smaller saddle improves the ride when you are up and around on the bike (how I like to ride) and don’t like the saddle getting in the way.

Update March 2022

Velo saddles updated the Senso Wilson saddle recently with widths of both 133 and 143. Additionally, the color of the rubber on the bottom is slightly darker. Still a great value at only $65 for a high-quality mountain bike seat.