Grayl Water Purifier Review

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Lake Powell, Utah Paddle boarding with Grayl water bottle filter.

Grayl recently send us a couple water bottles to test out. This post was not sponsored by them, or compensated. However there are affiliate links included in the post to help us continue to operate We were heading out the door to Lake Powell, Utah, USA to go camping, boating and paddle boarding and knew this would be a great time to test the bottle.

Grayl Water Bottle Filters

Grayl offers a few different product on their website. The Geopress Purifier, a large convenient bottle great for all applications near home or deep in the backcountry. The Grayl Ultralight Compact Purifier a small light weight water filter for smaller pack size and weight. Grayl also sales replacement filters or cartridges, cups, single and double wall water bottles, and replacement parts.

Grayl Geopress Review

The Grayl Geopress Purifier water bottle is the main bottle offered by Grayl. It is a 24 oz. water purifier. All of the pieces of the Geopress bottle come apart for easy cleaning and filter replacement. It has a nice grip and textures that the Ultralight bottle doesn’t. The Geopress also has an attachment ring for easy carry or throwing on a carabiner.

The Grayl Geopress water filter has to be one of my favorite filters I’ve used. With Straw filters, they take too long to filter, the same with other gravity filters. There is no additional parts or pieces or extra bags or bottles that need to be carried. It is all self contained, that saves space, time, and the chance of forgetting additional pieces. I did find myself using an additional bottle when I didn’t feel like 24 oz. was going to last me. I would filter 24 oz. pour it into another sanitary bottle, then fill the Grayl Geopress and take both bottles with me.

The videos (see below) of people using the Grayl make it look difficult to push down the filter into the water. While it does take some force, it’s worth noting that it’s simply slow to filter the water, and not as difficult to push the filter through the water.

The water taste and looks as clean as any water filter I’ve used. As with most filters the cleaner the water you start with the better the results.

Grayl Ultralight Compact Review

The Grayl Ultralight provides the quick and convenient filtering in a smaller 16 oz. version. It also looses weight by ditching the fancy texture, attachment loop, and drinking spout.

How does the Grayl water filter work? and What does Grayl filter?

The Grayl water filter works by pressing dirty water through the filter that then ends up in the top of the bottle as clean water. The filter uses an electroadsorptive media to capture pathogens and inorganic contaminates. When dirty water is pushed through the filter it is purfied and the pathogens like virus, protozoa, and bacteria are stuck to the filter and absorbed into the carbon.

Grayl filters clean out waterborne pathogens like viruses, bacteria, protozoan cysts including Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Norovirus, Giadiasis, Cryptosporidium, E. Coli, Cholera, Salmonella, Dysentery and more. It also removes sediment, chemicals and heavy metals that aren’t good for you and make water taste awful.

When to change Grayl filter?

Grayl Filters are rated for 300 cycles or about 40 gallons. A new filter cost about $25 to $30 you can purchase them here

Where to buy Grayl Replacement filter?

You can purchase Grayl filters directly from their website They currently offer free USPS shipping. Or you can purchase them from Amazon, see the link below.

Grayl filters is on Amazon.

You can also purchase Grayl replacement filters on Amazon.

Grayl REI

Another favorite of ours is if you are a co-op member to earn your dividends and you can’t beat their great return policy.

Grayl for backpacking

The Grayl Ultralight Compact purifier bottle is the first pick for backpacking. It’s small and light weight but offers the same convenience of the larger Grayl water bottle. You can always bring an extra light weight bottle and fill it up with filtered water so you are not limited to the 16 oz. of the Grayl Ultralight.

It’s worth noting that if you will be flying or climbing high elevations it’s sometimes worth disassembling the Grayl water bottle to prevent it from getting stuck together.

Grayl Warrantee and Return Policy

Grayl offers a free 30 day no hassle return or exchange. In addition to the return policy they also offer a ten (10) year warranty covering workmanship and materials. You can contact them directly if you every have any issue with the bottles and they guarantee to make it right.

Where is Grayl made and located?

Grayl stated in Seattle Washington. The idea for the water bottle got it’s jumpstart on kickstarter where it raised over $250,000 USD. The bottles are all designed in the USA and manufactured in China. Grayl also contributes 1% to charity. You can read more about their charitable contributions here.

Where to buy Grayl water bottle?

The easiest and best place to find a deal or discount on a Grayl water bottle is from their website

Some additional options for buying a Grayl water filter is on Amazon

Grayl discount codes and coupons

Currently Grayl is offering a free Camp Cup with the purchase of any bottle with coupon code FREECUP. However, this code expires soon. The best way to find discount codes, coupons, and other sale items on is to check the home page of their website, watch the banners at the top of the page for current promotions.

Grayl vs the competition

Grayl vs Sawer water filter

Sawer filters and Grayl filters both work by forcing water through a filter to remove the bad stuff. They both claim to filter out 99.9% of the bad stuff. The main difference are in the form factor, reusabability, and price. The Sawer filters connect to a soft bag that you can squeeze the water through the filter into a straw, or another clean bottle. Sawer filters can also be reused by back flushing the filter, where Grayl filters need to be replaced. You can pick up the smallest Sawer filter for around $30 where the cheapest Grayl bottles retails for $70 to $90.

Grayl vs Lifestraw water filter

The Lifestraw is a microfilter that is active carbon much like Grayl water filters. Which means it works very good at attracting the bad stuff from water but has a limited lifetime. The Lifestraw water bottle is the closest related to the Grayl. The main differences is that you have to create the suction power on your own rather than pushing through your body weight to purify the water. This can become tiresome.

Grayl vs Lifestraw Go water filter

The Lifestraw Go is very similar to the Grayl bottles. They both hold water on the go, both use active carbon filters, and both work very well. A few main differences are that the Lifestraw Go is a double walled vacuum insulated bottle where the Grayl bottle is double walled, but not designed for insulation. Second, the Lifestraw Go requires you to generate the filter power by sucking. The Grayl filter is all filtered water after the initial press through the filter.

Grayl vs Lifesaver water filter

The Lifesaver water filter and Grayl filter are both active carbon filters. The Lifesaver filter uses a pump to force the water through the filter. This can be a bit easier to use than pressing through the Grayl filter, however it can take far longer to filter your water. There are also more moving parts, and it is heavier. Additionally, it’s worth pointing out the cost difference between the Grayl and Lifesaver filters.

Grayl vs Berkey water filter

Berkey water filter are most recognized by their large stainless steel filters sitting on counter tops. However they do have a personal water filter called the Sport Berkey Water bottle. It’s a 22 oz. bottle shaped like a bike water bottle with a Berkey filter at the end of the straw. The Berkey filter retails for $35. It’s great for casual hikers, and those who like the straw type filter design. However, it’s not leak proof and not as durable as the Grayl bottles.

Grayl vs Larq water filter

Larq and Grayl filters a very different. The Larq filter uses UV-C Led to kill the bad stuff in water. Larq claims to kill 99.99% of the bad stuff. The problem is you need to start with fairly clear water or your will still be drinking the muck. Larq water filters retail from about $95 to $120. If you are near a clear mountain stream they would be a great option, but collecting water from water filled with sediment, I would always select a filter.

Grayl vs Katadyn water filter

Katadyn offers a wide variety of water filters. The most comparable is the Katadyn BeFree water filter. It’s light weight but not extremely durable.

Grayl vs Water to Go water filter

The Water-to-go filters are somewhat similar to the Katadyn BeFree water filter. A small filter attached to the cap. They are not extremely durable, or leakproof. They would be good for the occasional hiker, or someone that just likes to get the chlorine and fluoride out of there daily drinking water. Grayl would be my choice for a more durable backcountry multi-day adventure.

Grayl water bottle on YouTube

There is a lot of great content on Grayl water filters on YouTube. One of my favorites is the first one from the Science Channel. It shows the beginning of the products and is reviewed by the host as they drink toilet water. These are the top 5 highest viewed videos on YouTube for Grayl water bottles.

Grayl Final Thoughts

I have used a lot of water filter in my life. I have purchased filtered water, and had a reverse osmosis water filter installed in my home. Grayl water filters really shine when it comes to simplicity and ease of use. There are very few moving parts. Grayl filters are a great value when compared to the competition water filters. They would be at the top of my recommendation to friends looking for a durable, portable, and easy to use for almost anyone.

You can find out more about all the offerings by visiting Subscribe to their email list and get 10% off your first purchase.

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