Nitecore EA41 Flashlight Review

NITECORE EA41 – The Ultimate Camping Flashlight

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Nitecore EA41 Review

Nitecore EA41 Review

We ran into the Nitecore booth at the summer outdoor retailer show and were drawn in by their rugged looking, heavy duty, solid feeling flash lights.

A good flashlight is like a good knife, every outdoor adventurist needs one.  As surly as the sun sets, a light is a necessity.  If your like us you need a few good lights, usually a good head lamp, a tent light, and an all around light.  The EA41 is just that, a great all around light that is very versatile, well weighted, tough and bright when needed, yet delicate enough to use as a tent light.

The light is powered by a single CREE XM-L2 T6 LED light, and it’s BRIGHT! But, also very versatile.  The light has 5 settings with a max of 960 lumens, plenty of light to manage most any personal outdoor needs.  The beam can travel over 1000 feet.

The light runs off of 4 AA Batteries that are not included with the light.  On low settings the EA41 can run up to 400 hours.  A really nice feature is the integrated power light in the switch that indicates the remaining battery power.  This patented feature is one of the coolest ideas we have been waiting for with a light.  We have grown tired of always caring around an extra set of bbattery never knowing how much juice was left in the light.  Now simply push the top buttons and the flashing blue light indicates the power left in the light.

The EA41 feels bulletproof in hand.  It’s constructed out of aerograde aluminum allow and is HAIII military hard anodized.  It’s also certified IPX-8 (2 meters) waterproof and impact resistant up to 1.5 meters.

We just can’t get over the size and feel of the light.  It just feels so good in hand.  It’s just a little bigger that the palm of your hand, and not too big around that it’s hard to manage in hand.  The light is very evenly balanced in hand.  It’s also engineered with quality parts from the single machined piece of aluminum to it’s gold plated contacts, this light is likely to outlive you.

On of the great well thought through features of the NITECORE EA41 is the switch. It’s easily operated with one hand and two buttons.  The beam functionality is controlled by 2 small buttons that are very easy to press while holding the light in one hand.  One button acts as an on off button while the other cycles through the intensity settings as well as the different strobe patterns while holding the mode switch.  There are also two quick on features. When holding the mode switch for more than a second, it turns the light on at it’s max setting.  If you you press and hold the on/off switch for more than a second it turns the light on with the lowest setting (1 luman) perfect for tent use.  Additionally, to quickly enter strobe mode, you can double click the mode button to start the strobe.

The light also features instant on Ultra High and Ultra Low just by pressing and holding the mode button or power button respectively. Other features include a lockout by holding both buttons this will ensure the light doesn’t turn on in your bag and can keep batteries good for over a year.

One complaint is that the light is not well diffused, there is a noticeable “hot spot” in the middle of the light on higher settings, it’s not horrible, and defiantly not the worst hot spot we have seen in high powered lights but it is worth pointing out.  Another option we would like to see is some mounting options.  The light is so small and powerfull it would be nice if there were a way to attach it to a bike, helmet or head strap.

Nitecore EA41 Beam Comparison

Nitecore - Ultra Low Brightness

Nitecore – EA41 – Ultra Low Brightness


Nitecore - EA41 - Low Brightness

Nitecore – EA41 – Low Brightness


Nitecore - EA41 - Medium Brightness

Nitecore – EA41 – Medium Brightness


Nitecore - EA41 - High Brightness

Nitecore – EA41 – High Brightness

Nitecore - EA41 - Ultra High Brightness

Nitecore – EA41 – Ultra High Brightness


For a small hand held flashlight that runs off 4 AA batteries at a $69.99 price point this value can’t be beat.  The flashlight is virtually indestructible.  Any one serious about preparation, outdoors, backpacking and emergencies this light will fill all your needs.  Big bulky flashlights are out of style, D batteries too, make yourself happy ditch the old school maglight, and spend for something that will last years and meet all your needs.

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