Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie Review

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Everything you love about down, minus the feathers. GearChase Reviews
Winter doesn’t have to mean bulky big coats and scratchy sweaters. Say goodbye to the big and bulky, and hello to the sleek and cozy high-performance Nano Puff. Offered in 14 fresh colors (including 7 shades of gray!), you will find the perfect high performance jacket with a quality to last for decades.

In fact, calling this jacket the Nano “Puff” is actually completely misleading. The Patagonia Nano Puff gives you all the warmth and performance you need without adding the inches you don’t want. Shop Deals on Patagonia Nano Puff Now

The Patagonia Primaloft insulation fill offers everything you love about down, minus the feathers. Featuring a tailored design that will keep you protected from the elements, and keep you dry and warm in the mountains. The wind protection is surprising, and awesome. A lot of insulating jackets are warm, but the Nano Puff did not disappoint. Once you get the Patagonia Nano Puff in your closet you’ll never want to wear anything else on the mountain or out on the town. Shop Sales on Patagonia Nano Puff Now

Meticulously designed with technical details, the Nano Puff is a serious high performance piece of gear. Yet fashion forward colors, tailored design and a contoured fit to make Italian designers envious.

Wearing the Nano Puff is like 3 jackets in one. Warm, super comfortable (you pretty much forget to take it off when you go inside), and windproof. If you are going to hike the Himalayas, yes – you’d want a waterproof shell – yet for the everyday adventure and about town i the winter – CHECK. Get the insulation you need, with out the bulk. much less one what provides such amazing insulation. Engineered for extreme performance, the Patagonia Nano Puff defies science with extreme weather protection and chic (even slimming) style. Say hello to the sleek and cozy, and goodbye to the big and bulky. Find deals on Patagonia Jackets

Nano Puff


Water Repellent



Features and Performance

High performance and loaded with technical features, the Nano Puff is ridiculously light weight given the insulation it provides. Soft, comfortable and simply cozy – the PrimaLoft fill is everything you love about down, minus the feathers. Packable and portable, the Nano Puff compresses down smaller than a soft ball. Packing into the interior self stow away pocket with loop. Great versatility for layering during frigid temperatures, and the perfect piece of gear for fall and spring. The Nano Puff is super light weight, but a heavy weight when it comes to performance. Windproof, water resistant, and resistant to water absorption. Better yet, even when the Nano Puff does get wet, it still provides you warm insulation thanks to the PrimaLoft fill


Self Stow-Away Pocket

The warm Nano Puff compresses down to the size of a softball, packing down into an interior self-stuff pocket.


Quality Materials

From heavy duty zippers, to reinforced seams – the Nano Puff is enginered for performance and built to last

First Impressions: Patagonia Nano Puff

The first thing you’ll notice on the Patagonia Nano Puff is the unique stitching. With a geometric brick design, the Nano Puff has some serious style, and a big step up from the typical horizontal lines you see on most puffy/down jackets.

The exterior material has some sheen to it, yet doesn’t go overboard. With 16 different fresh and vibrant color options, pick from 7 different shades of blue and 3 shades gray to to name a few. Ridiculously light weight, the Patagonia Nano Puff is perfectly packable and portable for any backcountry adventure, and perfectly fashionable for the everyday wear around the town.

Performance and Construction

Get a refined look and technical performance with the warm, windproof and water resistant Nano Puff. If the Nano Puff wasn’t already sleek enough, it compresses into it’s own interior chest pouch. The ideal light weight for layering, with the packability for serious trekkers. A necessity for layering, and your go-to jacket in fall and spring whether your are out for a run, or running errands. Give your weardrop the style and performance it’s been missing. Get on your Nano! Deals on Patagonia Gear


Water Repellent

The 100% recycled exterior is water resistant. Thanks to the Primaloft fill, even if your Nano Puff gets wet – it is going to dry fast and still keep you insulated due to the tiny air pockets in the PrimaLoft fill.


Wind Proof

While the light weight and warm Nano Puff is ideal for layering, this bad boy can hold it’s own. Nano Puff is 100% windproof. The exterior shell has quality you can feel. While cold winds would cut through other down jackets, the Nano Puff protects you from all the elements.

Fit and Feel: Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie

First time putting on the Nano Puff, you’ll almost forget you are wearing it. Amazingly light weight, the materials are high quality and a design engineered for high performance. The technical design features longer sleeves and a overall length in the torso. The sleeves are long, ensuring they cover you arms to the cuff no matter if you bend your elbows or raise your arms up high. The overall length is long, with a contoured fit that is flattering – giving you warmth without the bulk around the waist. Shop Deals on Patagonia Nano Puff Now

The long length and tailored look not only creates a flattering silhouette, the design also functional. Whether your are climbing or snowboarding, get the warmth and mobility you need. Whether you’re reaching up for your next hand hold, or bending down to clip in your bindings, know that you’ll stay covered and insulated.

The material is light weight, and moves with you. More comfortable than any scratchy sweater, the material is soft and durable. Featuring a soft knitted fabric lining around around the collar for ultimate comfort around your neck and chin. The collar is high, fully insulating your neck and even covering up to your mouth when fully zipped. The kissing-welt zipper “garage” ensures your the skin around your chin/mouth doesn’t come in contact with the zipper. You’ll really appreciate this design on cold winter days, when the last thing you want is a cold zipper rubbing against your chin.

Two hand warmer pockets are functional, the ideal size to fit in your hands and keep them warm and insulated without a large gaping opening to let in the cold air. While the hand warmer pockets are perfect to do exactly that, the front pockets are not quite large enough to easily fit in your smart phone. An internal breast pocket is ideal for your media device or smart phone. The internal pocket also can be used as a self-stuff stow-away. Compress your Nano Puff hoodie into the size of a soft ball. Equipped with a with a carabiner clip loop to attach to your harness, the Nano Puff is perfectly portable when climbing.

Patagonia Nano Puff Technical Fabric& Performance

The Patagonia Nano Puff gives you insulation from the elements without weighing you down. with soft 60g PrimaLoft Gold, the Nano Puff offers an incredible warmth to weight ratio. PrimaLoft is marketed as the best down alternative, with true thermal efficiency to keep the warmth in. Permanently water resistant, with breath ability and ventilation to keep you regulated even when you are pushing your help keep you regulate when you are pushing the limits in the backcountry. Ridiculously soft, and light weight – get everything you love about down without the feathers.

For being so light weight, the Nano Puff doesn’t take performance lightly. The Nano Puff is water resistance. The resilient PrimaLoft filler even provides insulation even when wet. Yet it won’t stay wet for long, the light weight material is quick drying and anti-macrobial. Unlike the rest of your gear, when you come back from you outdoor adventures your Nano Puff won’t smell like a campfire. The durable outer shell is made of 100% recycled material. Know that you’ll stay protected from the elements no matter wind or water. The light weight shell is surprisingly a durable given its weight. The fabric is abrasion resistant. Be confident whether you are climbing and scuffing against rocks, or just the wear that comes with being in the backcountry.

The technical design is built for serious outdoor enthusiasts. The Nano Puff compresses down the size of a softball. The internal breast pocket that self-stuffs into a stowaway pouch, with a carabiner clip to attach to your harness. Versatile and functional, the Nano Puff is ideal for layering. Featuring breathability and ventilation, get the performance you need for the most extreme temperatures by layering under a hard outer shell. The ventilation of the Primaloft fill will keep you insulated, yet the breathable material will keep your temperature regulated. The Nano Puff provides the breath ability and versatility you just can’t compete with.

Plenty of pockets to stash away your goodies, or two front handwarmer pockets to stow away cold hands (which won’t stay cold for long thanks to the awesome insulation). The Internal chest pocket is the ideal size for a media device (even the oversized smart phones that many of you have). The internal chest pocket also doubles as a self stuff sack, with a clip in loop.

Sustainable & Eco Friendly

Reuse Recycle

Outer shell constructed with 100% recycled materials. Patagonia made the first recycled fleece in 1993 from plastic soda bottles, the first to transform trash into fleece.

Re-use and Recycle

Patagonia made the first recycled fleece in 1993 from plastic soda bottles, the first to transform trash into fleece.

Re-use Recycle

Save the Planet

Recycled materials to reduce dependence on precious natural resources and reduce toxic emissions. Save the planet, one thread at a time.

Save the Planet

Save the planet, one thread at a time.

Save the Trees!

Worn Wear: Reuse & Recycle Your Gear