Spy Optics Sunglasses Review

Travis GneitingReviews

Spy Optics might not be the first thought for a good pair of cycling glasses. But the new Monolith has a similar shape and size to a lot of other biking glasses like the Oakley Sutro, Smith Wildcat (See our review here), and TIfosi Rail (See Review here). The main difference is the new Happy Boost Lens that brightens the colors and honestly does kind of make you feel a little happier with just how bright and vibrant the colors are when wearing them.

The Monolith comes in a full frame and a 50/50 frame option ranging in price from $150 to $210 USD. There are nine color options to choose from.

The lenses on the model are one piece curved which can sometimes distort the vision. Spy uses active radius curvature to reduce the distortion on a large.


Framed Sunglasses

Frameless Sunglasses


  • SPY+’s revolutionary therapeutic Happy™ lens tech is scientifically tuned to boost mood and alertness while enhancing color and contrast, providing a truly life-changing visual experience
  • ARC® (Accurate Radius Curvature) polycarbonate lenses are tapered to follow the natural curvature of the eye, providing crystal-clear distortion-free vision while reducing eyestrain
  • Scoop® ventilation system increases air flow and decreases fog-causing sweat and moisture
  • Constructed from Grilamid®, a lightweight frame material ideal for everyday wear due to its strength and flexibility
  • Comfortable rubber nose pads provide a secure fit no matter how hard you sweat
  • Third-eye SPY+ cross lens detail
  • Snap pin hinges provide a secure, comfortable fit
  • 100% UV protection reduces eye fatigue and long-term sun damage
  • Frame measures 142-00-147

Happy Boost Lens

The image above I took by holding the Happy Boost lens in front of my camera in southern Utah. It shows how drastic the contrast is with the bright sunshine washing out the color and how beautiful and vibrant the colors are with the sunglasses. These are the most intense color optimizing color enhancing lenses I have ever used.

The Monolith has the option of Happy Boost Lens. Aside from the large coverage and unique frames the Happy Boost is something similar to Smith ChromaPop lens. It amplifies the colors making them more vivid and sharp. Think of cranking up the saturation on your Instagram filter. The colors really do put a smile on your face. I find myself having to pull the glasses down from time to time just to see the real colors. The claim is that Happy Boost is 15% more intense. You can learn more about the Happy Boost Lens on Spy Optics Website


The Spy Monolith is a nice oversized cycling Sunglass. It has a lot of coverage across the face and on the temples and around the sides of the eyes. One issue I have with my face shape is the large gap under the glasses to my face allows a lot of air to come up behind the sunglasses. However, looking at the images from other people wearing them on SpyOptics.com, It looks like they fit much better than I.