Outdoor Master Electric Skateboard Review

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Outdoor Master Electric Skateboard Review
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The Outdoor Master electric skateboard is one of the most affordable high-quality electric skateboards on the market. It has a huge battery for around 25 miles range on a single charge. The control is easy to use. There is a bit of a learning curve, but if you are a beginner looking for an inexpensive way to try out an electric skateboard this is the board you should start with. 

Outdoor Master Electric Skateboard

I have personally used the Outdoor Master Electric Skateboard over the past 6 months and this is my honest unbiased review. I tested the electric skateboard in Utah, Nevada, and California in a range of templates and climates. I’ve been skateboarding for a couple of decades now and am very knowledgeable about skateboards to provide an in-depth review of this e-skateboard.

If you love longboarding, skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, or wake surfing you are going to love riding an electric skateboard. It takes away the work of pushing uphill or around the flats and has a much more surf-like feeling to it. Like riding fresh powder on a snowboard you can carve back and forth on the electric skateboard pushing into turns just like the feeling you get when snowboarding.

The Outdoor Master is a great way to get into Electric Skateboards at an entry-level price for a high-quality board.  With some electric skateboards costing upwards of $1500 the $660 price tag for the Outdoor Master Booster board is a bargain.  Don’t think because of the small price tag that this is a cheap board. I have put hundreds of miles on it. The battery is the longest range I have used on any electric skateboard. II can go for weeks without charging it.

How Does the Electric Skateboard Work?

If you have never ridden an electric skateboard and are looking at buying the Outdoor Master skateboard because of its reasonable price and quality build there are some things you should know first.

The electric skateboard has an onboard battery as well as a motor. There are typically two types of motors. Hub motors that fit inside the wheels and belt drive motors that connect to the wheel and turn them. Both have advantages and disadvantages. The Outdoor Master has hub-style wheels that can’t easily be swapped out for different wheels if you wanted a bigger or different hardness wheel.

The other major piece of the board is the remote control. This is how you can control your speed as you are riding the board. The remote control has a wheel that you can rotate forward or backward to speed up or slow down the board as you are riding it.  The remote controls also have other features like speed modes, speed display, battery power display, etc. but their main function is to control the movement of the board.

To start off, I like to give a little push when I jump on the board. This reduces the initial “jerk” you get when the motor kicks in. Rolling the thumbwheel forward, you feel the motor kick in and push you forward. For your first time using the board, make sure you are in the first or slowest mode. You will be surprised how fast these boards can go.  As a hint as you get better and more comfortable on the board, tightening your trucks with the included tool will help stabilize the board at high speed, however doing this at low speed removes the surfy carving feeling.

To stop the board or slow down, rotate the thumbwheel back toward you. A helpful hint is to prepare for the initial braking by leaning back on the board to prevent being thrown off it when braking.

Outdoor Master Coupons, Discounts, and Codes

Outdoor Master often has amazing sales on all their gear. This includes summer items like paddleboards, beach tents, bikes, and skateboard helmets. Outdoor Master also has a wide variety of winter products like Ski and snowboard helmets and goggles as well as storage bags.

Outdoor Master Skateboard Specs

  • Range: 27 Miles/45Km
  • Board weight:
  • Remote weight:
  • Charging Time: 4 hours
  • Max-Weight load: 150 kg or 330 lbs
  • Speed Modes
    • 1: 15 Km/hour or 9 Mph
    • 2: 25 Km/hour or 15 Mph
    • 3: 35 Km/hour or 21 Mph
    • 4: 40 Km/hour or 24 Mph
  • Motor: 2 x 450 watt Hub Motors
  • Battery: 12500 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Wheels: 80 PU
  • Climbing: Upto 30-degree incline
  • Remote Battery: 200 mAh

Electric Skateboard Motor

The Outdoor Master Skateboard uses a motor hub as opposed to a belt motor. There are 2 motors on the rear wheels of the board. This provides equal push and torque when the motors are engaged. You can switch the direction of the motors and they are also used to slow down the board even recycling some of that energy back into the battery.

Electric Skateboard Deck

Most skateboards and electric skateboards are made by layering up maple wood gluing it together in a press then cutting it out. That is how the Outdoor master boards are made. However, sometimes carbon and fiberglass are added for extra strength and durability. The maple boards offer a nice flex you can feel when pushing into turns with your feet. It also helps the board turn better than a solid or rigid board.

Electric Skateboard Grip Tape

The Outdoor Master skateboard grip tape is very grippy and has lasted for months with no sign of wearing off so far. It can get dirty and is hard to clean off if that is something you are worried about.

Electric Skateboard Trucks

The Outdoor Master has a high-quality durable truck that is not branded. The trucks are adjustable and the bushings could be replaced if needed or to adjust the way the board rides.

Electric Skateboard Battery

The battery makes up the majority of the weight of the skateboard. Additionally, at the other end are the brains of the board so there are two large plastic covers on the bottom of the board. The battery on the Boost board is one of the biggest and longest-range batteries on the market and can still be charged in just 4 hours. Once the battery is charged it lasts for weeks depending on how frequently and long you ride the board.

Electric Skateboard Battery Range

The battery range on the Outdoor Master e-skateboard is one of the longest in the market.  The claimed range is 27 miles or 45 kilometers. My feet personally can’t ride it for 27 miles before falling asleep from the vibration of the road or cracks in a sidewalk.  I usually ride it for a few miles at most. Riding the board for just a mile or two every couple of days, the battery lasted over a month.  The Battery in the skateboard remote control is equally long. It closely matched the skateboard battery both battery levels are indicated on the remote, and the board has a battery indicator with 4 bars on the board. 

Electric Skateboard Battery Charge

The electric skateboard charges by a port on the bottom of the board with a rubber plug in it. 

The remote control charges from a USBC cable plugged into the bottom of it.

One of the coolest features of the Outdoor Master Electric Skateboard is that it actually collects energy back when the brakes are used and stores it back in the battery.  Having ridden many electric scooters and e-bikes I have often wished this was a feature.  Theoretically, you could hike to the top of a hill and ride the board down with the brakes applied. You could charge your battery. 

Outdoor Master Remote Control

The remote control feels like it is made of lightweight plastic with an LCD screen to show the following:

  • Power Button
  • Function Button
  • Accelerate and brake wheel
  • Speed Gear (1-4)
  • Remote Control Battery Level
  • Mileage Per Trip
  • Board Battery
  • Braking Gear (1-4)
  • Signal Indicator
  • Total Mileage
  • Speed
  • The direction of the board

Why Buy a Board from Outdoor Master

  • LY-FOC 7.0 Control System
  • 30 Day Return policy
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free Delivery

Pros and Cons

Long Battery LifeSkateboard Brakes
High-quality board buildCheap feeling remote

Comparison Electric Skateboards

The Outdoor Master Electric Skateboards come in two different models. The Booster and the Cruiser.  Look at the comparison table below to see the difference.

Booster BoardCruiser Board
Battery12500 mAh Lithium4400 mAh Lithium
Board8 Layer Canadian Maple11 Layer Canadian Maple + 2 Layer Fiberglass
TrucksStandardShock Absorbing
Motor2x450W Hub Motor2x450W Hub Motor
ProcessorLY-FOC 7.0LY-FOC 7.0
Max Load150 kg150 kg
Charging Time4 hours3 hours
WeightNW: 20lbs/9.1kgNW 17.2lbs/7.8kg
Range27 miles/45 km15 miles/25 km
Price$659.00 USD$699.00 USD
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Outdoor Master offer Coupon Codes?

Yes, Outdoor master often has sales and coupon codes for saving extra cash on their products. Check out GearChase.com for a list or just head to OutdoorMaster.com.

Does Outdoor Master have Sales?

Yes, Just like coupon codes Outdoor Master always has sales. The best time to check is around the holidays for sales on Outdoor Master products.

What terrain can you ride on e-skateboard street or all-terrain?

Different electric skateboards are designed for different terrain. The Outdoor Master E-Skateboards are designed primarily for use on paved surfaces. The soft urethane wheels don’t do well off-road, or in the grass. However, there are other electric skateboards that you can switch the wheels out for large diameter wheels and are more designed to use off-road or in various terrain.

Are Electric Skateboards waterproof?

Most electric skateboards are not waterproof. However, most e-skateboards should be fine riding through small puddles of water. If you are trapped in a rainstorm and riding for miles it might be best to hold off until the rain stops and roads dry out. Some of the off-road e-skateboards are designed more to keep the dust-out and can take more abuse. 

Best shoes for e-skateboards?

Skateboard shoes can be a preference. Some like a thin sole so they can “Feel” the board more under their feet. Others may choose a more durable shoe with some toe protection, especially when riding at high speeds. Vans have been one of the most popular shoes for skateboarding. They usually have a good in-between feeling and offer some protection.

Best Helmet for e-skateboards?

Outdoor Master offers a great helmet selection at an incredible price. Typically when choosing a helmet for electric skateboarding the style that matches is an ASTM and CPSC certified helmet. However, in a pinch, a bike-specific helmet could be used. Be sure to check out the high-value helmets offered by Outdoor Master.

Best pads for e-skateboards?

If you are new to e-skateboarding you should be looking to purchase three sets of pads. Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. There are many cheap pads that will slide out of place during a fall. These are usually pads that are held in place by a small not very secure velcro strap. A good pad with a firm durable stretchy strap or sleeve to slide your leg or elbow into. This prevents the pad from moving out of place during a fall.

There are also hard plastic and soft shell pads. A hard plastic shell pad on the knees, elbows, and wrist is the best option for e-skateboards.


The Outdoor Master is a great brand that I have been impressed with more and more as I’ve used their products and tested them out. You can see our helmet and goggle reviews here or you can check out the inflatable paddle board pump from the Outdoor Master review we did as well.