TimTam Percussion Massager

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Hand held percussion massage guns have been very popular lately. Athletes and celebrities have been endorsing them. Do they work, are they worth the money?


A massage gun, percussive massager or sometimes called “vibration therapy” works by sending rapid bursts of pressure to the tissue of the body. They are capped with a ball, or pointed tip for isolating different depths and locations on the body. It allows individuals to get a similar effect from a masseuse by their self in the comfort of their own home. Although more clinicals need to be done, there is enough information out there plus my personal experience to say yes, they do work. They relieve my tight sore muscles, it feels great, and offers a nice massage when using the device. That is enough for me.

Foam Roller Replacement

I am a regular foam roller for problem areas such as my quads and hamstrings, so I was looking for an easier way to find the same type of relief. The PowerMassager PRO allows me to sit on the couch and use a massage gun rather than climb on the floor with a foam roller. I was able to get better relief from the comfort of my couch with this percussion massager.

A massage gun also allows me to lay on the couch, relax and let the massage gun do the work. I find it easier to take care of my body after beating it up all day. The TimTam has been my favorite because of it’s rotating head, heated tip, variable speeds and programmed routines.

The percussion therapy helps with sore and achy muscles but also helps to increase blood flow. The massager we chose to test was the TimTam PowerMassager PRO which also has an automated heated tip for even more relief.

Percussive therapy is relatively new, more and more studies are being released about the effectiveness and limitations of their use. Science and history seem to point to the benefits of using a massage gun. A Swedish massage technique called tapotement has been used for years that applies the same principles as a massage gun.

TimTam Review

I have been foam rolling for years now. As an avid cyclist, I suffer from tight quads and hamstrings. Foam rolling has been an effective way to loosen my leg muscles after days of cycling. We were sent the TimTam PowerMassager PRO to compare our experiences and see if we get the same relief and benefits.

TimTam Unboxing

There are a lot of options for massage guns ranging in price from around $50 USD to over $500 USD. The TimTam PowerMassager PRO currently retails for $399. Its contents are pretty simple, the massage gun, three tips, a charger and travel bag.

Massage Gun Tips

Inside the box you will find three different tip attachments. The small red tip is an auto heating tip that can heat up to 99.5 degrees, which you can control this feature by the click of a button on the PowerMassager. There is a large vibrating tip that is great for back, neck and legs. Lastly, it comes with a small rubber coated ball that is great for isolating areas where the smooth ball would slide away from.

TimTam Massage Gun

The TimTam PowerMassager PRO comes with a lithium ion battery, charging plug and battery dock. Also included is a travel bag.

TimTam Warranty

The TimTam pro comes with a 365 day warranty and an extended warranty is available for purchase from their website.

Using the TimTam Massage Gun

I have been using the TimTam PowerMassager PRO for about a month now. I grab it before and after rides to warm up and cool down my legs. The TimTam has a “warm up” feature that slowly works into the muscle by varying the revolutions. I spend just 5 minutes on a warm up and I’m able to jump on the bike and start pedaling right away without that tight feeling waiting for my legs to get use to riding again. When I return from a ride I sit down on the couch and work my legs for 5 or 10 min. Prior to having this PowerMassager, I was spending 20 to 30 min on the floor with a foam roller. I really like the 175 degree rotating head, it allows for an easy grip in any position I’m working on. It’s also lighter (weighing in at 2 lbs.) and quieter than other massage guns.

I think the biggest reason to opt for the TimTam PowerMassager PRO over other massage guns like the Hyperice Hypervolt or other similar shaped units is the variation and flexibility of holding options. With the 175 degree rotating head, and being able to hold onto the gun in different positions, it makes it a lot easier than other percussion massage guns when trying to reach muscle groups like shoulders, back, hamstrings, and glutes. Additionally, there are not many percussion massage guns that have heated tips.

TimTam Heated Tip

The automatic heated tip warms up in a couple minutes to 99.9 degrees. The red tip is required in order to use the heated feature. There is a “+” button that when pressed for a 3 seconds it will display a heated ball icon on the LCD screen indicating the ball is warming. I like using the heated tip on cold days against my bare skin to avoid that initial shock of something cold touching your skin.

Temperature Sensor

The TimTam also has a temperature sensor built in. This as a little hard to figure out, and also a little confusing without reading the instructions. There is a thermometer icon button on the back of the TimTam. At first use, I thought this was how you activated the heated tip (the “+” button actually activates the heated tip). However, it’s used to measure your skin temperature. Skin temperature can help optimize a safe and effective recovery session by keeping your skin around 90 degrees. There is a small metal dot on the front of the PowerMassager (located under the tip) that you place firmly onto your skin (you can change the position of the articulating head of the PowerMassager upward if you need to). Then while it is pressing onto your skin, hold the temperature sensor button down for 3 seconds, release (while keeping it on your skin) and allow the temperature to appear on the screen.

TimTam Battery Life

The battery lasts on average about an hour depending on how you are using the PowerMassager, how hard you are pushing, if you are using the heated tip, and the oscillation settings. The battery charges from completely dead to fully charged in a couple of hours.


After using the TimTam PowerMassager PRO for a month, I feel like it’s worth the investment for anyone serious about improving the results and effectiveness of their recovery. It is so much better than climbing on the floor and trying to get to those hard to reach areas with a foam roller. The downside would be that a foam roller is much more forgiving on your bone, where the percussion massager is uncomfortable when it bounces off shoulder blades or knees.

I was not paid to write this review from TimTam. The TimTam PowerMassager PRO has been one of the best percussion massagers I have used. I really like the articulating head, heated tip, light weight and that it is a lot quieter than some of the competition.

TimTam currently has their PowerMassager PRO on sale for $399. That is $100 off the normal retail price. You can check it out on their website TimTam.Tech

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