Manna Water Bottles

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Is Manna a Good Water Bottle?

Manna water bottles are very good water bottles made from top grade 18/8 stainless steel and have a double wall vacuum insulation. Their vacuum sealed bottles will keep ice and drinks cold for 2 days, and warm drinks for 24 hours. Manna bottles come in many sizes and designs from the enormous 128 oz. Titan to the small 9 oz. Ridgeline Flask. They are BPA free, and keep harmful chemicals out of your body. Manna water bottles also are condensation free because of the construction and double vacuumed wall, your hand and table won’t get a bath when drinking a cold beverage on a hot summer day. When comparing Manna water bottles with Hydroflask, Yeti, FiftyFifty, Swell or Contigo they are just as good as the competition but in our opinion offer a bit more value. Some of the stand out features are the various lids, finishes, prints and features that help separate them from other good water bottles on the market.

Is a Manna water bottle Dishwasher safe?

Generally, most Manna water bottles are not dishwasher safe and should only be hand washed. A non abrasive cleaner to avoid removing the finish on the bottles.

How to Wash a water bottle?

After washing hundreds of water bottles from small sippy cups to large 128 oz. Titan water bottles we have come up with a pretty good solution on how to clean insulated water bottles.

The best way to wash a water bottle is to:

  1. Put a drop of dish soap in the water bottle
  2. Add warm water until the bottle is about half full
  3. Use a water bottle specific brush like the 13 inch Ultimate Bottle Brush from Manna. The benefits of using a bottle specific brush is that they don’t scratch the bottle, inside or out, are dishwasher safe, come with a straw cleaner, and fit inside wide and narrow mouth water bottles.
  4. Rinse with cold water
  5. Set to dry upside down on a dish cloth, prop the mouth of the bottle up with a straw or other object to allow air to circulate in the bottle. Avoid leaving moisture in the bottle by screwing the lid on tight if you plan to store the bottle for long periods. The best storage option is to leave the lid off or open.

Manna Ultimate Bottle Brush

Manna water bottle Discount Code and Sales

Manna always has discounts, sales, clearance items and BOGO offer, and free shipping on their website. Additionally, they are currently offering 10% off on your first purchase if you sign up for their email list at the bottom of their website.

Current Manna Discounts

  • Buy 1 Convoy Collection, get one 50% off (use code CONVOY50)
  • Free bottle brush with Titan 78 oz. (use code: CLEANTITAN)
  • Free 17 oz. Tumbler with Titan 128 oz. purchase (no code needed)

Our Favorite Manna Water Bottles

17 oz. Manna Dash Armored Push

Color Options: Black or Blue
Size options: 17 oz.
Lids: Push Lid

This is a great morning coffee mug. It fits in standard car or truck cup holders. It’s the perfect, great looking travel mug. It is easy to clean, feels great in your hand and against your lips when sipping.

20 oz. Manna Retro

Color Options: Many colors and patterns View all on Manna Website
Size options: 20 oz.
Lids: Screw on lid

The Retro water bottles are a simple double walled vacuum insulated bottle just like the other bottles we have looked at. They come is some great prints with a simple screw on lid. I love the color options and durability of the water bottle print. They are hand wash only like most double walled bottles.

40 oz. Manna Convoy

Color Options: Many colors View all on Manna Website
Size options: 18, 26, 40, 64 oz.
Lids: Screw on lid, with drinking screw on lid

The Convoy Manna water bottle has to be our personal favorite. The size options, it’s a manageable size and beautiful metallic and powder coated colors are beautiful and durable.

128 oz. Manna Titan

Color Options: Blue and Black View all on Manna Website
Size options: 78 and 128 oz.
Lids: Screw on lid, with drinking screw on lid

Manna vs Yeti Water Bottles

When comparing Manna and Yeti water bottles they are both double walled vaccume sealed insulated water bottles that will do about the same thing. Keep warm drinks warm longer, and cold drinks cold longer. Some of the difference come when comparing the quality, offerings, and price. For example the Yeti 1 gallon jug is $129.99 and the similar 1 gallon manna jug is currently on sale for $40. Additionally, the Manna folding handles make it much easier to drink and pour out of than the Yeti 1 gallon jug. Both products are really good at what they do, I think there is a bit of a markup for the Yeti brand, but as for side by side quality they both work great.

Manna vs. Hydro Flask Water Bottles

Hydroflask is one of the biggest names in vacuum sealed insulated water bottles. When comparing Manna water bottles vs. Hydroflask water bottles they both offer great insulation for water bottles. When comparing the Hydroflask bottles and the Manna bottles, the main difference is that Hydroflask doesn’t offer the different lid styles that Manna offers. Also, the handles are much more convenient on most of the Manna water bottles. Hydroflask offers a lot more color options and offerings such as backpacks, coolers and food bags. While the price difference between Manna water bottles and Hydroflask aren’t as extreme as with Yeti water bottles the Manna bottles are usually slightly cheaper and Manna offers many more sales and offers. Always check their website before purchasing, there are always some great offers.

Manna vs. Swell Water Bottles

When comparing Manna water bottles to Swell water bottles again, they both do a great job at insulating the contents. Swell offers high quality bottles in similar fashionable colors and textures. The prices are very similar to Manna water bottles, they also offer coupon codes and discounts. The main difference for us was the size and shapes of the bottles are a lot different. Swell has some traditional shapes but also some unique like the Marble Eats cup and different shaped tumblers. Additionally, Swell doesn’t offer the larger sizes with as many drinking lid options.


We have used literally hundreds of water bottles over the last few years from many different companies. Manna offers some of the best value for insulated water bottles on the market today.