AIRBANK Electric Air Inflator D7 Paddleboard Pump Review

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Airbank Electrip Pump REview
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The Airbank electric pump is a great addition to any paddleboard or inflatable. It has a 2 stage motor that can quickly inflate from a 12v car connection. It’s packaged in a plastic body that the hose attaches directly to. There are many applications. This is one of the lowest-priced paddleboard pumps.

We have been reviewing a lot of electric paddleboard pumps over the summer. Please check out our reviews of the Outdoor Master and Valwix electric pumps here.

The Airbank Electric paddleboard pump is a little different than the other pumps we have reviewed. It is slightly smaller, has a shorter air hose and shorter electric plug. 

The pump still includes both an inflate and deflate port on the pump. They are both operated by the same power button on top of the pump.

One of the best features of the Airbank Pump is that the hose stores with the pump itself. It would have been nice to have the nozzles and power plug storable on the pump.


The Airbank comes with 5 adapters for filling most common 

There is one major issue I had with the H3 (Halkey-Roberts) adapter. The depressor inside that adaptor used to depress the inflator air stop is too deep and doesn’t make contact with the airstop on most paddleboards. The solution I found was to open the air valve on my paddleboard (by depressing it and twisting it in the closed position), then using the pump as normal. The downside is once the pump is disconnected air will rush out and you will need to quickly twist the valve on your paddleboard to stop the air.

You can see in the image above there is a plastic piece in the middle of the nozzle attachment. This is meant to press down the air inflator value. However, as mentioned above, it is too shallow to completely compress the button.

What’s in the Box

  • D7 Air Pump plus hose
  • 5 Different Nozzles
  • Rubber washers for nozzle
  • Rubber washer for hose
  • 3 extra fuses
  • Power plug for auto; 2 meters in length
  • User manual


The Airbank pump took 9 minutes and 33 seconds to pump my paddleboard up to 14 PSI. The Airbank much like the other paddleboard electric pumps we has 2 stages. The first stage is quiet and meant to quickly inflate the main volume of the board. The second stage is to bring the paddleboard up to pressure. There is a very distinct change in noise when it switches from stage 1 to stage 2. This usually happens after the pump gets to 2 or 3 psi.

There are 4 buttons on the pump. A power button to start and stop the pump, a “+” and “-” buttons for adjusting the PSI or Bar. The bottom small button is to change the setting from PSI to Bar. The pump can be adjusted while it is inflating and will auto shut off once the set pressure is reached. The digital display can be a bit difficult to read in full sun or with polarized glasses on.


The Airbank pump took 1 minute and 30 seconds to deflate my paddleboard. Typically I will not use the deflation function and just open the air valve and allow the air to escape when I am rolling up the board. If I am going to be storing my board for longer times or need to get the paddleboard as compact as possible.

The hose has a nice thick butterfly to is that allows for easy tighten and removal of the hose to the pump.

Airbank Electric Pump Review Conclusion

We recently reviewed the Outdoor Master Shark Pump 2 and the Valwix Pump so you might ask me why I would choose one pump over another. All the pumps inflate paddleboards and can pump up multiple boards in about the same amount of time. The pros for the Airbank are the smaller packages, the hose attaches directly to the pump. The cons would be the issue with the nozzle and the shorter hose. I like taking the Airbank on trips when I don’t have as much room.