Amazon Valwix Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard ISUP Review

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Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Review from Valwix Odyssey
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Valwix Odyssey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Valwix Odyssey is a high-quality value-priced stand-up paddleboard that comes with a lot of extras including a kayak paddle to use sitting down as well as an electric pump. That all combined with the fact that they always seem to have deals and coupons on Amazon for purchase make this a huge value if you are looking for a paddleboard. See Paddleboard on

Valwix Paddleboard Overview

The paddleboard is a great value coming with many accessories and a strong quality build. It also comes with an electric pump that we have a separate review. Everything you need to get started with a paddleboard is included.

The electric pump that comes with the paddleboard retails alone for about $100 alone. The fact that it’s included in the accessories of the paddleboard makes this purchase even better. The electric pump takes about 15 min to pump up the paddleboard to 14 PSI.

The pump is a 2 stage pump that starts off in a high air volume mode and then switches over to high pressure. You can hear the pump change from one cycle to the next during inflation.

Paddleboard Weight

The paddleboard weighs in at 22 lbs. This is about average for most paddleboards I’ve used. It also shows when compared to other paddleboards that it weighs about the same and so the quality of materials are similar. It’s not a cheaper or thinner material.

Packing and Storing Paddleboard

The paddleboard comes with its own carrying and storing zipper case. It is large enough to hold the paddleboard, pump, paddles, patch kit, and dry bag. The bag is not the strongest paddleboard bag I’ve ever used, but as long as it’s not going to be used on a lot of hiking or rough adventures it should be sufficient for storing the inflatable paddleboard in the garage.

Paddleboard Usage

The main importance of an inflatable paddle board is that it’s stiff. The performance of a paddleboard is reduced when there is flex in the board. The Valwix paddleboard is as firm as paddleboards costing twice as much.


To show the shape and outline of the Valwix Odyssey Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard, I have compared it to the ISLE Pioneer Paddleboard. The Pioneer is a beginner board that is a wider shorter board, whereas the Odyssey has a narrower tail and pointer nose for a smoother glide. The width of the board’s area is about the same to allow good stability.

The picture below shows another comparison of the two paddleboards and just how much narrower the tail of the paddleboard is. The thickness of the boards is about the same. The narrow tail allows for a more nimble board that is easier to turn.

The Odyssey is almost a foot longer than the Isle Pioneer. This allows it to glide through the water easier and can help with overall stability in choppy water.


The Valwix paddleboard is a great value. There are hundreds of inflatable paddleboards to choose from on Amazon. My fear is not knowing the quality in comparison to the price when buying a product like this on Amazon. I hope this review helps to show that the board is high quality and a great value.