Houdini Sportwear Review

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Power Houdi Review

One of the most popular products from Houdini Outerwear is their Power Houdi. It comes in 16 colors and 6 sizes. The jacket is made from Power Stretch® Pro™ from Polartec® (57% polyester, 33% polyamide, 10% elastane) a very stretchy, breathable, and durable fabric. Its perfect use is for layering under a ski shell, or as I like to wear it as an outer layer for running or biking. As you heat up and move its breathability allows more air to pass through that other hardshell jackets.

A couple of things to point out with the Houdi. I am about 5 foot 10 inches and 165 lbs. I am wearing a medium and it’s pretty snug. I like a tight-fitting jacket for running and biking, but it’s too tight for me to wear as a casual jacket. If you are purchasing for different applications keep this in mind. The sleeves are nice and long which makes it great for skiing/snowboarding and bicycling.

The hood has a strange shape. I rarely if ever wear hoods on my jackets so it’s not too concerning for me. If you like wearing a hood, it has a bit of a cone shape on the top with a lot of extra material.

The micro fleece is very comfortable, soft and stretchy. I’ve washed mine a few times now and haven’t noticed any shrinking or pilling which are my usual complaints when it comes to technical clothing.

The jacket is also full of pockets inside and out. Two hand pockets on the outside and 2 stash pockets on the inside.

Overall, I really like the Houdi jacket for biking in specifically both mountain biking and road biking. I also use it regulary for backcountry ski touring and splitboarding. It has a really good warmth to weight ratio and packs down small making it a great alternate to a down puffy for layering in the winter.

About Houdini Sportswear

Sustainability is at the center of Houdini sportswear they have dedicated their production methods and business to sustainability to become a positive force and reinforcement in society and for our planet, Houdini started in the early nineties in the climbing community. Houdini has big goals for the future by 2022 they plan to make all products from recycled and recyclable or renewable and natural biodegradable fibers with full traceability and transparency into their supply chain. They also have an open-source initiative to share all the day of learned for sustainability and technologies with others.

By 2030 Houdini plans to have a complete circular flow of their material products and knowledge. All of their resources will be taken from the Earth and replaced by recycling or renewability with all of their waste being transformed back into the resource flow. 100% of their energy used through their value chains for production are to be created from sustainable renewable sources.

the first thing you usually notice in Houdini sportswear is their minimalistic design This is done by intention under the moniker less is more it helps them to reach their goals of circular sustainability.


Houdini first caught my eye with their minimalistic design that still catered to the ski snowboard climbing and outdoor industry. Their designs and colors set them apart from some of the other flashy outerwear on the market but it still had a style unique to its own. After wearing their hoodie and Moreno tee for the last couple of months I’ve come to enjoy the brand fit and quality more than before. With her dedication to sustainability and the environment, it’s hard to not appreciate what they’re doing. I’ll be looking to purchase a pair of shorts for the summer from Houdini because I support what they’re doing, like the materials and designs they come up with and the quality exceeds my expectations.

With the 365 day return policy it’s worth giving it a try for your next technical piece of backcountry clothing.

You can check out the entire line of colors sizes and jackets over at https://houdinisportswear.com/